How to Write a Online Dating Profile to Attract More Women

If you want to attract more women on a dating site, put some effort in when your write a online dating profile.  If you think it doesn’t matter, think again.  If you think she is going to just look at the pictures and not read it, may I remind you that women aren’t visual like men, they are more ruled by emotions.  If your profile is blank, she feels no emotion whatsoever.  You just shut down about 75% of your odds by not taking the time to write a good online dating profile.

Choosing Online Dating Profile Names and Headlines!

Your online dating profile name and headline are your first impression.  Choose them wisely.  I would estimate 95% fall into one of two categories.  Completely mushy or completely sexual.

If your dating profile name is Big Black Stroker, as a woman, I will conclude that you just want a hook up, and pass you by.  Now if a hook up is all you do want. or maybe a sexual oriented relationship, fine, but you will get more sex if you don’t lead with sex.  I can’t stress this enough. Stay away from user names that relate to sex.

Don’t use your real name, please.  That’s just not even smart.  I would not think that this would deserve a mention, but after browsing about 50 profiles, it obviously does.  Have you ever Googled your own name?  You can be found on Facebook or other social media platforms.  Just don’t do it.

For a Profile name, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.  The headline is what stands out.  Maybe your initials and a word that describes what you like to do.  WriterBob, PickingBilly, you get the point.

Brass Balls and a Tender Heart Guide to Online Dating!

Online Dating Headline

I just browsed 50 pages of profiles to write this part.  Out of 50 pages, I saw one that made me chuckle.  “Not Bald”.  The rest were all about the same.  Nice guy looking for a nice girl.  Honest guy looking for an honest girl.  Good guy looking for you.  Blah blah blah.  They make me yawn.  Try to put a bit of humor here.

Maybe find a good song title and I don’t mean the song “Pretty Good at Drinking Beer”.  If a guy happens to have a song title that I love as his online dating headline, I might just drop him a line.

Avoid anything that refers to you as a nice or good guy.  If you are stuck in the nice guy syndrome, get out now.  It’s not appealing and we see beta male when we see that.  You can read why nice guys don’t get the girls here, and it’s not what you think.

Good Online Dating Profile Pictures

I can’t stress how important your pictures are in your online dating profile.  If your pictures are bad, you don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of attracting a woman.  You don’t have to be the most good looking man on earth to have good pictures on your profile.  It’s so blatantly obvious when I look at some of these pictures that men expect women to be attracted to them the way they are attracted to women.  All through this blog you will read that men are visual, women not quite so much.

What you think is sexy, is not what is sexy to a woman.  I am sure you may find a woman wearing less to be visually stimulating and appealing.  We don’t quite feel the same as you do about this.  A picture of you with your shirt off doesn’t affect us like a picture with our shirt off would affect you.

What is sexier to us?  A man in a nice shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  We see a serious and playful side of him in this example.  A man sitting behind a desk with his sleeves rolled up, glasses dropped down, eyes looking over top with a smirk is sexy.  Give us the opportunity to use our imagination with your pictures.

Please post more than one picture as well.  Some of the best profiles show a man in different settings.  Maybe one in a suit, one in a baseball cap and jeans.  You get the picture, show us a bit of who you are.

One more note as far as the online dating profile pictures.  Leave the pictures of your big fish or dead deer and other wildlife out.  Are you looking for a lover/partner or a hunting buddy?

Now the good part about the actual body of the profile.

How to Write a Online Dating Profile to Attract More Women.

Write one, please write one.  We read them we really do.  If I see a dating profile with nothing there or just a couple of sentences, I can bet he is going to be one of the multitudes that mails me a one word opening line email and he won’t be able to carry the conversation or talk to a girl online.  Not to mention my first impression is you are lazy and not willing to put in any effort.  Why would I want to date you?

I know you are tempted to put in that you are honest, hard working, loyal, kind, and all of those lovely attributes that you have.  Skip it.  I mean as opposed to what, a lying, cold hearted mean lazy coach potato.  It’s information that really isn’t relevant.  Don’t tell us about it, display it in your profile.  Maybe you volunteer at a retirement home, put that as opposed to listing that you are kind.  Paint us a picture.  Remember, we are emotional creatures.  Trigger our emotions and you are in.  A well written dating profile can melt us.

Don’t tell us you have a sense of humor, show us.  I mean the profile headline up there that said “not bald”, I already know he has a sense of humor.  This is so much more effective that just listing humor as a quality that you possess.  God knows all of our senses of humor were not created equal.

Take some time, put some thought into it and remember, it’s a woman reading your online dating profile, not a man.  Appeal to the woman.  Do not add in your profile, “if you want to know more, just ask”.  Inspire me to want to know more.  Telling us to ask, again comes across as lazy and perhaps a bit beta male again.

In summary, a good dating profile can improve your odds tremendously.  Don’t underestimate this when writing an online dating profile.  Once you get this part down, then you just need to send that first email and start the ball rolling.

Brass Balls and a Tender Heart to Online Dating! 






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