What is Sexy to Women- Most Wanted Qualities In a Man

What is Sexy to Women- Most Wanted Qualities In a Man

Men get hung up on looks when it comes to thinking about what is sexy to women in a man. Looks can only get you so far. If you are drop dead gorgeous, we all know a man can kill the attraction when he opens his mouth. When it comes to what women find sexy in men, it’s deeper than the looks. It’s about his presence. It’s about how you make her feel.

I recently polled quite a few women on this topic. Today I am going to share the top things that women find sexy in men.

What is Sexy to Women

Top List of Qualities that Women Want!

The top of the list is Humor and Intelligence.

Humor and the ability to make her laugh are big ones.? Women love a man that makes her laugh.? A man that can disarm her emotional episodes with his humor instead of running for the hills gets extra bonus points.? If you can do this, you will find her emotional episodes become fewer and farther between and your life gets easier.

Intelligence is big also.? This doesn’t mean you can recite the dictionary.? Emotional intelligence is really what we mean by intelligence is sexy.? Having the ability and the sense to know what to say and when to say it or rather when not to say it, qualifies as intelligence.? Starting a conversation with a woman telling her nice ass for example does not qualify as emotional intelligence.

The ability to lead is sexy to women, very sexy!

We love a man that can take the lead, make a decision and follow through.? There are a lot of men that throw the ball in our court way to much.? You think you are pleasing to us, but actually it’s a sign that you are more of a follower.? We don’t want a follower, we want a leader.? We also like a man that can stand up to us and not allow us to walk all over you.

If you aren’t taking the lead from the get go, you are most likely turning off a lot of women.? Ask her out like a boss, be confident.? When you throw the ball in her court and get her to make all the suggestions and plans, she can’t feel your masculinity.? We really don’t want to carry your balls around in our purses.

The words “I got this” is what is sexy to women, very sexy.? This stems from our need to feel protected and safe.? We can’t feel protected and safe when you can’t even ask us out on a date.? If a woman is having a melt down try it.? Gently, but firmly tell her you got this.? Notice her entire body posture takes on that of relief.? A yes man is not what women find sexy.

Having Your Own Life is Sexy to Women

Wanting to be joined at the hip twenty four seven is not sexy to women.? Most women that is.? Have your own life outside of her.? Pursue your own passions.? Not only is this sexy, but it makes you more interesting.? A man that puts a woman as the center of his universe or depends on her for his happiness is often the man that is left behind.

When you don’t have your own life and you put the woman too high up on a pedestal, she feels a huge burden and responsibility for your happiness.? A woman can’t relax completely with a man like this.? She can’t let her hair down for she walks on eggshells.

A Woman’s Language of Lust!

The Ability to Carry on a Conversation with Women!

what is sexy to womenThe ability to approach a woman and carry on a conversation with ease is what is sexy to women.? Women complain a lot these days that men lead into an approach or conversation with sex.? If sex is your goal, you will get more of it if you don’t lead with sex.? We get the sexual comments constantly.? If you want to stand out, don’t lead this way.

Even with online dating we can tell if you can carry on a conversation or not.? When you start a conversation with just a hi, and no content, we usually assume you can’t carry on a conversation and that you are waiting on us to lead.? If you don’t know how to carry on a conversation or talk to a girl, go read a book on the topic, learn, please.

In summary, women love a man with confidence.? Confidence plays a part in all of the above qualities and is sexy.? What is sexy to women is a man that knows who he is, is emotionally intelligent, has the ability to lead and knows that her biggest sex organ is really her mind.? A man that knows we don’t respond like men, and understands and accepts our differences is sexy to women.

The above qualities aren’t something that all men possess.? They are qualities or skills that can however be learned.? If you don’t have a lot of success with women, there is help out there and today with all the information online, it’s right at your fingertips.? If you blame women for your lack of success, I urge you to step out of the victim mentality and take responsibility for it.? Did I mention women also find a man that takes responsibility is also very sexy.

what is sexy to womenWhat is Sexy to Women In Appearance

Different women find different things sexy in men of course.? Some are into arms, some are into eyes.? Some say tall is a must have.? Overall, women like a clean, neat and well dressed man.? This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and tie.? Just make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free and you have showered.

I have had men that meet me for the first time with stains on their clothes or with the scent of a barnyard lingering around them.? Seriously.? Hygiene is important to most women.

If you are wondering what sort of pics women find sexy on a dating site, it’s not you in the bathroom with your shirt off.? A pic with you with a nice shirt on, with the sleeves rolled up is sexy.? Glasses are sexy, especially if they are tipped down over the nose with you looking up straight at us with a little grin.? Most women agree that men in glasses is what’s sexy.

Shoes, I must mention shoes.? If you are meeting a woman, don’t wear sneakers or work boots, please just don’t.? Nice casual loafer type shoes are best.

And smile, always smile, that is what’s sexy to women.

what women find sexy in men


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How to Talk to a Girl Online to Ignite Sparks!

How to Talk to a Girl Online to Ignite Sparks!

I can say with complete certainty that a lot of guys don’t know how to talk to a girl online, let alone know how to ignite a spark with their conversation.? I speak from experience.? Mine and about few thousand other women that I have the pleasure of interacting with on online forums.? Men appear to be unsure of themselves and if you are one of these men, I assure you it shows in your messages. Let’s start at the beginning

The very first email to girl on a dating site.

As you know the first email to a girl on a dating site is your first impression.? This is your chance to send a message that increases your chance of a reply.? If you can’t get past the first email, chances are you really don’t know how to talk to a girl online.

Weekends are a busy time for me online.? Sunday morning alone I received about 12 messages.? Every single one of them were less than three words.? Every single one.? A list below if you need details.

  • hey
  • hey sexy
  • how r u
  • how’s your day
  • hello
  • hello beautiful
  • love your smile
  • love you hair
  • can we chat
  • hi

The list keeps going.? Knowing this is the standard email that guys send to girls online gives you a huge advantage and opportunity for you to stand out.? You see every time we go to open up our mail, we are secretly hoping that some guy has put in some effort.? We are hoping to open up a message to something more than a few words.? Something that allows us to at least think you noticed something other than visual aspects about us.? We like to know you at least took the time to read our profile at the very least.

How to up Your Game in Online Dating Here.

You guys think there is a ton of competition online and you think we are getting a ton of emails, so what is the point?? Yeah, we get a ton of emails, lame ones.? I am more apt to give a guy a reply and a chance if he can stand out from the rest, even if he isn’t the most attractive man on the dating site for that matter.

This is my opinion and honestly the opinion of many women.? Men who send these 3 word or less opening liners probably don’t have much confidence in themselves and are anticipating rejection before they hit the send button.? They don’t know how to talk to a girl online because they allow fear of rejection to dominate.? I don’t have to tell you that a man without confidence isn’t all that attractive. Below is an example of a man’s latest attempt to talk to me online.

I think it would be nice to meet someone close ……. Does not mean it will work ……just a thought

This email above screams “I have no confidence“.? He has set himself up for failure of talking online in his first email, let alone meeting.? I mean meeting is just a thought to him, nothing more.? Already planting a seed that it won’t work.? Would a woman feel safe with a man like this?? Hell no!

Guys have told me they send these emails because they rarely get a response and it’s their way of testing to see if we might be interested.? Can I say you are self sabotaging with this?? Find something in her profile that you can comment on and at least try to get a few sentences pieced together.? You will increase your odds like this and many say online dating is a numbers game anyway.? Get over that fear of rejection and act like a man, please!

If you can make us laugh or say something funny or pick on us in a playful way, that is even better.? If you have a sense of humor, show it to us.

how to talk to a girl online

How do you keep the conversation going with a girl online?

Okay, so she answered you now what to say to a girl online dating?? How do you keep the conversation going.? Many think asking a bunch of questions is how to keep it going.? A few questions is okay, but don’t go overboard.? Don’t ask her how many men she has met or how it’s going with her online dating.? Don’t ask her where she is from either, that should be in her profile and if you messaged her, you should know.

Again, find something in her profile, tell her why and how that appeals to you and ask a question about it.? Be witty, be confident and always assume she is interested, don’t ask her is she interested.? Let your confidence shine through in your conversation.? Often it’s not what you do that impresses a girl, but what you don’t do that is just like all the other guys.? Flirt with her.? If you don’t know how to flirt with a girl online, find out.? There are books out there on the subject and they can help you turn your dating life around.

There is nothing wrong with chatting for a few day but sooner, rather than later, you need to ask her out online.? I mean if you just start everyday for weeks with a good morning text to her online, you get rather boring to us.? We get frustrated with guys who want to text or message us constantly but never make a move to ask us out.? We lose interest quickly and move on to someone with a little more action behind their words.

If you want to really light a spark with a girl, learn how to talk to a girl online. If you don’t know how or don’t feel confident in your ability, for God’s sake, get some advice.? Confidence is a big key and we can feel it even via those virtual connections.? Confident men are just down right sexy.? Invest into your online game and get more dates, more sex and love in your life with The Online Game Here.

Or just continue to strike out while the guy that knows how to talk to a girl online keeps on scoring!

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How to Ask a Girl Out Online Like a Boss

how to ask a girl out online

I can speak here from experience as a woman and from working with thousands of women over the last few years.? I am blown away at the men that don’t know how to ask a girl out online or even over a text message.? Are men that scared of rejection now that they can’t be confident in pursuing us at all?? Let me explain.

I have done online dating on and off numerous times.? I recently reactivated my profile on one of the sites.? After two weeks and countless emails, not one man has managed to really ask me out or to meet.? I am in a group with 3000 other women and let me tell you, I am not the only one experiencing this.? Guys who don’t know how to ask a girl out online are a dime a dozen.

It goes like this.? A guy will mail you, do a little small talk back and forth then throw the ball into our court with something like this.? Let me know when you are available to meet or Let me know when you are on my side of town.? My vagina just dried up completely, seriously.? So you really want me to ask you out, it that it?? If we enter a relationship, will I have to make all of the decisions?

What you basically do with these lame messages and texts is give your power over to her, not to mention you just showed you have little confidence in yourself.? Why oh why can’t men just ask us out.? It’s not that hard.? We will say yes or no.? Do you think you are being polite by putting the ball in her court.? I think it’s more you are seriously stuck in beta mode.

If you want to ask a girl out, tell her, ask her.? Suggest a date, place and time and ask her does that work for her.? If you want to be polite, give her a couple of options to choose from, but don’t put the choices on her.? Take charge, it’s sexy as hell when a man can take charge.? It makes us feel safe.? It makes a woman feel like a woman and if you can do that, you have scored.

Another thing that seems pretty common with men online is the way they just chat for days, weeks and never ask a girl out online.? I have read tons of comments from women that say, “how can I get him to ask me out?”.? Usually they have been talking to her for a while and have just hinted at meeting.? Stop the hinting please and just ask her out.? Are you waiting for her to do it?? It sure seems so.

We don’t feel very womanly when we have to do your job for you.? Call me old fashioned.? The fact remains we like to feel like women.? We like men with the confidence and that know how to ask a girl out online or even in real life for that matter.? I can’t even count the stories from frustrated women on this issue.? Many women may oblige you on this and pick up your slack, good for them.? I can assure you a woman that has options and confidence usually won’t.? She will just answer you with one word like “sure” and keep it moving until a man that knows how to ask her out does so.

I understand you want to know if she is interested or not, but really you will find that out when she says yes or no.? If you get turned down, move on.? It’s just no big deal.? If this is something you struggle with or get choked up about, perhaps you have too many beta characteristics.? I am not knocking beta guys, but it’s no secret that women are naturally drawn to alpha males, but that is another blog post.

So next time you are wondering how to ask a girl out online, please just do it.? Just ask her.? If you need some magic words to say, you can check out this Language of Lust for tips that work!



How To Get Your Girlfriend in The Mood

How To Get Your Girlfriend in The Mood

If you want to know more about how to get your girlfriend in the mood, first thing is to forget about what you “think” turns her on.? What works for men does not work for women. ? I am sure you have heard already that sex for a woman starts in her mind.? Before I go into how to get your girlfriend in the mood, (or wife for that matter) I think it’s important to tell you what you may unknowingly be doing that keeps her out of the mood.

This is very important, because if you are doing things that hinder her sex mood, they are going to build up and stick in her mind and affect her attitude the next time and the next time.? The cycle gets vicious.? The result, she starts to associate sex as a duty and not as a the pure pleasure you want her too.

Complaining about not getting any is not how to get your girlfriend in the mood.

Have you ever after being rejected one time or several times and said in some not so pleasant tone or a tone of disappointment something like this: “I guess I am not getting any tonight again”.? Although it may be what you are feeling, these are words that will dry her up like the Sahara and not just for one night.? It makes her feel as if you expect it, and although you do, women really don’t enjoy sex when it’s expected.? It’s like cooking.? We may love to cook, but if it’s expected of us, it’s not any fun anymore.

We do want to make you happy, I swear, but not out of obligation. Complaining to her makes her feel bad and that does not make her feel sexy.? It makes her feel inadequate.? Do you feel desirable when you feel inadequate?? It also screams entitlement, which is so not sexy.? Whining and complaining aren’t sexy period.? We aren’t turned on by a whining complaining man.? What’s worse, we come to expect this behavior from you every time we may really not be in the mood.? You conditioned us to do this by your complaining and pointing out your dissatisfaction, and therefore, sort of made your own bed.? It becomes dreaded and not something exciting anymore.

Women will fake sleep to avoid this whining.? Or we will fake sleep when you get in the bed and just start feeling on us out of the blue.? We know what’s coming when we say no.? The whining and complaining.? Then again you don’t get any, and this is how the cycle continues.? Oh it’s just awful and nobody is happy.? I brought up the getting in bed and starting to feel on us for a reason.? A lot of men do this.? They haven’t done anything prior to this to get her in the mood.? A man often assumes because he can get hard with a few strokes of the hand that women should or can get aroused like this as well.? Wrong guys, it doesn’t work this way.? I can’t tell you how many women have told me the tales of men that go straight for the sweet spot way to fast before it’s even wet and just rubbed away.? New Flash here, it’s uncomfortable and often even hurts.

Ask any woman and I would bet the best sex she has had and she will describe the feelings, the connection she felt first and foremost.? Give her what she wants and you will get more than enough of what you want.? Make her feel desirable. Groping and feeling on her doesn’t do this.? All day foreplay is a huge key.? I recall a day spent with a lover just walking around flea markets, holding hands and silly sharing.? It was such a nice day and it made me want to make love.? I felt close to him and she wants to feel close to you outside of the bedroom.

I know this isn’t always possible with our busy schedules but there are other ways if you can’t get the one on one time.? You can call her out of the blue, maybe leave her a little note.? Something to make her feel appreciated.? Also if you can engage in physical activities with her that does not always result in sex, she comes to trust that you appreciate her for who she is, not the sex she can give you.? An example of this would be a message.? Give her a message and don’t go for the hot spots.? Focus on her back, the length of her arms, her thighs, maybe even her inner thighs, but leave the breasts and vagina alone.? Do this a few times and break that pattern of complaining.? Do things for her with zero expectations.? Run her a bath and leave her alone to relax. What is sexy to a woman and gets her in the mood is not what is sexy to a man.

How to get your girlfriend in the mood with texting!

If time is limited and with careers, jobs and life stresses this is often the case, there is a few little tricks you can use.? It’s so simple it almost seems ridiculous.? You probably have your cell phone at your fingertips at all times, so try texting her into bed.? Women get aroused in their imaginations and with the right messages, you can get and keep her going all day.? I know this works, we use it all the time.? It’s a great way to make her feel connected to you.? A woman that feels connected to you wants to have sex with you.? Remember how it was in the beginning when you acted like rabbits?? You can get that back with just a little effort of pushing a few buttons.? Start with one message like “For some reason I can’t stop thinking about how you looked when_____, fill in the blank.? See what happens.? How to get her in the mood?? Consider texting her into the mood.

Michael Fiore wrote a book about how to text her into bed.? It does work and is very effective for those wanting to keep romance and great sex in their lives?? I urge you to check it out if you want to know how to get your girlfriend in the mood.

Women want to be seduced.? Men seem to forget this and the sex after time becomes just an act and the seduction part is left out.? You win the woman with seduction, so it only seems reasonable that to keep her, you have to keep seducing her as well.


What to do if a Girl Doesn’t Text You Back

What to do if a Girl Doesn’t Text You Back

Wondering What to do if a Girl Doesn’t Text You Back?

What to do if a Girl Doesn't Text You BackHave you ever texted a girl and you get back nothing?? Nada, zip, zilch?? What to do if a girl doesn’t text you back is pretty important.? If you over react, you can come off as needy or just an ass.? A lot of guys do this and it just confirms for us we made the right decision in not texting you back.

Don’t Freak Out if She Doesn’t Text You Back!

One thing though to keep in mind is how long did you wait for her to text you back? ?If it’s only been a couple of minutes or a few hours and you are already feeling anxious, perhaps you really are needy.? Believe it or not, some girls are busy and don’t have their phones glued to their body.

So don’t freak out if she hasn’t texted you back in a relatively short period of time. ?Wait a few days, chill. Be a man! If you struggle with this concept, you may need to learn the Tao of dating.

I am in a group with over 3000 women in it.? I can’t tell you how many times a girl has a story of how a guy turned into a real ass and said nasty things to her when she didn’t reply to his texts right away.? This is not what to do if a girl doesn’t text you back.? It shows your level of immaturity to her real fast.? There is no need to be reactive, that comes from your ego.? It’s a complete turnoff.

The Best Thing To Do If a Girl Doesn’t Text You Back…

When a girl doesn’t text you back, the best thing to do is nothing.? If you want to wait a few days and try again, fine.? No more than this though please.? If she isn’t texting you back, she isn’t interested.? Don’t take it personal.? I am sure you have had girls that you just weren’t interested in as well.? It’s going to happen.? It happens to all of us.? Learning to deal with rejection would be wise.

“But What if I See Her Again?!”

If a girl doesn’t text you back – the next time you see her just keep on walking by! ?No need to ask her why.? Just act like you didn’t notice.? This could spark her interest up.? This projects to her that you are in control of yourself and your emotions.

A man in control of himself is sexy?-very sexy! ?If a girl doesn’t text you back, value yourself more than to grovel or give attention her actions.? A girl will value you as much as you value yourself! If you struggle with this approach you need to?learn the Tao of Dating.

What to do if a Girl Doesn’t Text You Back?

Let’s recap shall we? ?You?will do nothing!?Keep it moving. ?If this is something that you’re struggling with, don’t hesitate to learn the Tao of dating. ?Don’t waste your time?with these women, move on. ?Value yourself and women will value you too.

Photo of Confused Man by Artur84

When Your Ex Girlfriend Wants to Be Friends

When Your Ex Girlfriend Wants to Be Friends

When your ex girlfriend wants to be friends, it can be confusing to say the least.? You are probably wondering why does my ex girlfriend want to be friends for starters and I am going to tell you exactly why in most cases.? I have been the ex girlfriend!

If you don’t care one way or another if you get her back or not, this won’t really be an issue for you.? If you do care however, staying friends with her can be torture.? It’s a constant reminder and it makes moving on difficult and it becomes quite easy to find false hope when your ex girlfriend wants to be your friend.

In a Hurry? Just want a sure plan to get her back?? Click Here!

When Your Ex Girlfriend Wants to be Friends She Wants a Safety Net!

Believe it or not, being the one to end a relationship is just about as hard as being the one who has just had a relationship ended with them against their wishes.? It’s tough.? It’s scary.? When you end a relationship, you are stepping out into the unknown.

This is why many often even prolong a breakup.? The thought of going into the unknown causes more fear than staying in their comfort zones.? Their comfort zone being you.

Ex girlfriends will try to remain your friend to keep a safe track back into that comfort zone and you become their safety net.? If you want her back, being her safety net is not the way to go.

When Your Ex Girlfriend Wants to Be Friends, She Wants to Ease Her Guilt.

when your ex girlfriend wants to be friendsWhen a girl breaks up with you, she feels bad about it.? Ask her girl friends.? They will tell you how many times she has said “I feel so bad about hurting him”.? She feels guilt.? It’s a normal human emotion.

If you agree to remain friends with her, then she can feel better.? She gets validation and relief from her guilt.? If she broke up with you, allow her to manage her own emotions please.

It’s normal that she is going to have moments of missing you.? It happens.? If you stay friends with her, you give her relief during these moments. Then she picks herself back up afterwards and keep moving on.? Without you.

When you remain friends with your ex girlfriend, you ease her transition back into the single world while you prolong your own.? If you want any chance of getting your ex girlfriend back, staying friends with her is not the way to go.

Text Your Ex Back!

You are actually helping her detach from you when you stay friends with an ex.? If you want to be her friend, heal yourself first and revisit the friendship later.? She can’t miss you or really reflect on the relationship if you are still available for her every call, request and text.

Most reconciliations that last happen later down the road when both parties have had time to reflect and calm their emotions.? Anything either of you do at this point early in a break up is from a place of emotions.

So next time you think about reaching out or texting your ex girlfriend, remember this post!

When your ex girlfriend wants to be friends, if you seek a reunion, decline the offer for now and follow this plan here.


How to Text Your Ex Back



Why Women Fake Orgasm – The Truth

why women fake orgasmDo you wonder if and why women fake orgasm?? This topic came up on a forum recently, which is primarily women. One woman asked the questions and the replies and help for her were nothing short of amazing. Every woman there had at some point faked an orgasm. Some do it still on a regular basis.

The main reason why women fakes orgasm is that…. well she isn’t having one with you. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings and she doesn’t really feel comfortable talking with you about it. Usually when a woman is faking an orgasm, it’s a sure sign her man is not as in tune with her as he thinks he is.

Women fake orgasms to make a man happy. We are pleasers and nurtures by nature. We don’t want to disappoint.

There are lots of women who can’t reach an orgasm through intercourse, or they think they can’t, or just haven’t had a man they are comfortable enough with to explore this. Orgasm starts in a woman’s mind. Most men still think it starts between her legs.

It really is her responsibility as well to let you know if it isn’t happening. It’s just not that easy though. Some women suffer from performance anxiety just like men.? A man can’t get it up, and a woman can’t reach an orgasm.

Nationally known sex expert, Michael Web!

Porn can also play a roll in why women fake orgasm. It puts some pressure on women. In any porn flick, the women are in these insane positions such as ankles around the neck, or contorted into a pretzel, yet she is screaming her head off in ecstasy. This really isn’t realistic.

A woman is often self conscious and to have her legs over her head does not make her feel attractive, trust me. She is thinking of her belly and how it might look to you. If you are behind her, she make think her rear is too wide. These things get in the way of our orgasms. An orgasm with a woman starts in her mind.

I know a lot of men who would say their women faking orgasm is out of the question. Many a man has been fooled by this illusion. Women do fake it. They can actually contract their vaginal muscles and breath and moan and groan just like the porn stars do it. You roll over thinking you are the man and she rolls over frustrated thinking she just put on the show of her life.

She has dug herself in deep and now she doesn’t know how to fix it so that you will know how to satisfy her.? If she comes clean, she fears your reaction, so often women suffer in silence.

Men can help with this issue though. They can take steps to understand the sexuality of a woman better and encourage her and show some patience. One woman said her boyfriend told her she took too long and got her a vibrator. I say she has the wrong man. What a lazy ass. No wonder she couldn’t reach orgasm.? Many men only know how to practice goal oriented sex.

. Are you with one of the women that do fake orgasms? Do you know for sure?? Did you know that when a woman has an orgasm, her nipples get erect?? Do you know what you don’t know?

All women are capable of reaching orgasms, both clitoral, vaginal and the g-spot. If your woman isn’t having all three, you both may want to explore this. She is being deprived of some pretty intense pleasure for sure and she may just give up and this is why women fake orgasm.

Understanding a woman’s sexuality is the key to avoid women faking orgasms.? Michael Webb has been featured on Oprah, The Chicago Tribune, Fox News, Woman’s World magazine and many other sources.? You can learn more from him here at Masterful Lover.? Why not be the best she has ever had?


Men are You Practicing Goal Oriented Sex

give her an orgasmWhat is goal oriented sex?? In goal oriented sex, the goal is to give her an orgasm, then move onto to get yours.? Surely this isn’t a bad thing right?? Both parties get an orgasm, so what could be wrong here?? You go into the bedroom.? The man usually does what it takes to bring a woman to orgasm, then goes on to get his.

Then you can get up and have a sandwich or roll over and go to sleep.? Life is good right?? She is satisfied so all is well.

Here is the thing.? Is she satisfied really?? Or is she laying there feeling empty and disconnected?? There simply has to be more to sex than this.? For starters, the above goal oriented sex probably only takes about 15 minutes tops.? No wonder women get so many headaches and can’t get in the mood.

If this is how you go about sex, your woman is asleep when it comes to sex.? She isn’t reaching her full potential and neither are you for that matter.

I hear many men say with pride, I always make sure she gets hers first.? If this is your practice, buddy you are practicing goal oriented sex.? It’s usually like rub rub rub, and many men start that rub rub rub way before she is even ready for it.? Then when she gets her orgasm, they move onto getting theirs and it’s done, over, nothing left to do.

When a woman says that a certain man is the best she ever had, she usually isn’t referring to a man who just delivers goal oriented sex.

Claim Your Sexual Power!

When it comes to goal oriented sex, women often feel pressured.? We are too aware that much of a man’s manhood/head is invested in orgasm, then we feel like not having one makes him feel like he’s not a good lover or lacks skill.? Then we are pressured to have an orgasm, within 15 minutes I might add.? This turns sex into more of a chore than the pleasurable act it should be.? We as women get locked up in our minds.

There is more to sex with a woman that to just give her an orgasm

We crave connection on a deeper level and without it, we often would just assume not even bother, hence our frequent headaches.? Men often complain she is never in the mood.? It’s really that the sex is a let down.? I mean it may be good, but I think down inside, we women are looking for great.? We want you to wake us up.

We know we can wake up,? but that is a difficult concept to get across to you men for many women.? We fear talking to you about it, because we know what a sensitive subject it can be.

I know a woman who did have the talk about sex with her man.? He completely misinterpreted it or either she mis-communicated it.? The next time they had sex, he went about it like a man on a mission.? He was determined to give her more than one orgasm.? He went to work on her like he was building something great.? The result?? More pressure, now she had to have 2 orgasms.

If you are having goal oriented sex with your woman I challenge you to embrace the possibility that you may not know what you don’t know.? Women can wake up and become the Sexual Goddess that you crave, but not with goal oriented sex.? No Sir.

Claim Your Sexual Power!

There is a better way to go about sex that heightens her desire and does so much more than give her an orgasm.? It inspires her loyalty captivates her on deeper levels.? If you want to take your sex life to new peaks and claim your sexual power you can check this out here.?

How Often Should You Text a Girl You Just Met

How Often Should You Text a Girl You Just Met

There are a lot of things to consider in how often should you text a girl you just met.? Should you text her everyday?? Should you text her good morning or should you have long text conversations that go on for hours with girls you just met?

If you have explored this blog, you may already know that I worked with women only for 5 plus years.? I ran a website and a forum with over 4000 women of all ages.? I am still active in a private group on Facebook with over 2000 women from all over the world.? Today I am going to share from their perspective as it relates to you guys.

I know a lot of guys come on really strong in the beginning when texting a girl.? They text her everyday and sometimes go into what I call a text-a-thon, where they carry on a conversation for hours.? If you just met a girl this really isn’t a good idea texting a girl you just met.? You see you are setting a standard.? You are behaving like a boyfriend when you aren’t yet her boyfriend.

text a girl you just met

Girls then often start assuming that you are their boyfriend.? So if you aren’t sure you want to be her boyfriend, please don’t get into a pattern with your texting.? With a girl you just met, do you even know her well enough to know you want her as your girlfriend.? If you are going to act like a boyfriend, please don’t get upset with her when she starts acting like your girlfriend.? If you aren’t sure yet, slow down cowboy, this isn’t a race.? Don’t set yourself up for drama ahead.

One thing guys wonder about when it comes to how often should you text a girl you just met is when to text a girl you just met. When do you text a girl you just met. ? Do you use the three day rule?? The answer to that is no, don’t use that stupid three day rule taught in some of those pick up communities.? Text the girl the next day after you just met.? Not late at night when you get home.? Build up a little anticipation.

One of the top complaints from women is guys that text them all the time and never ask them out or put any effort into spending time with them.? Don’t just be a serial texter.? Text her a few times, feel out if she is really interested and go ahead and ask her out.? I swear, I can’t count how many men just seem to want to be pen pals.? That’s just boring and frustrating for women.? Don’t do it.

Many guys lose a girls interest by not knowing things such as how often to text a girl you just met, or when or what to text her.? Some of these texts just have us rolling our eyes and I don’t mean from pleasure, I mean from boredom because you just blend in with all the rest.

Texting is by far one of your best flirting tools and you can build some serious anticipation, excitement and attraction if you know how to use it.? If you don’t know how to use it, you can learn everything you know to get the attention of girls with text messaging!? Text that girl!



How to Flirt With a Girl with a Text and Build Attraction

How to Flirt With a Girl with a Text and Build Attraction

Women are emotional creatures. They aren’t visual like you. If you can reach her on an emotional level, you can get her hooked. This is relatively easy to do with text messages. If you know how to flirt with a girl with a text message, you know that pushing her emotional buttons and making her feel something is critical if you want to really build attraction.

If you are texting her good morning sexy forget it. She hears that from all the guys, especially if she is hot. Don’t send those boring lame texts that she gets from all the other guys. She will just roll her eyes. If you are sending her details of your day or asking about hers, this is not flirting either. That’s conversation. If you are going to flirt with a girl with a text, forget the conversations or the perpetual all day long texts.

If you text her too much, it’s a huge attraction killer. Less is more. If you are texting her throughout the day, she is going to get bored. Don’t confuse constant contact with a connection or attraction and it’s certainly not flirting.

To flirt you have to be playful, cocky, teasing and a bit on the naughty side. Don’t be too naughty though, it’s a huge turn off. Men are driven by their penises, but trust me, a woman is not driven by her vagina.

Tease to build attraction with a girl

If you want to know how to flirt with a girl over text, think teasing. Think about the little grade school boy pulling her pig tails in the sandbox. Girls love this sort of teasing. It flattered them as little girls, it flatters them as grown women too. If you tease a girl in a playful manner, you push her emotional buttons. It gets her riled up and this creates tremendous attraction.

Another flirty texting tip believe it or not is to not respond so soon to her texts. Wait a while. This is a good technique to build anticipation. Anticipation is another key ingredient to attraction. It’s like taking her on a roller coaster ride. She has texted, she is waiting, you don’t answer. She starts to wonder. After a while you respond, she feels relief. She just went down the big hill of the ride. When texting a girl you want to make her smile.

Anticipation to build attraction with a girl

The anticipation technique does something else. It creates a trigger in her mind. If done at random, you become unpredictable. This is exciting and you know it. Predictability is boring. She starts to associate your texts with excitement. Excitement, yet another ingredient in building attraction.

When practicing how to flirt with a girl over text, less is usually more. You don’t want to bore her, annoy her or have her thinking you are desperate. Be fun and playful.

If you keep getting friend zoned, ignored, or find yourself losing a girls interest, you may need to seek other resources to learn how to flirt with a girl with a text and build attraction.? The best resource I know is right here at Text That Girl.