How to Create Sexual Tension with Women Texting

How to Create Sexual Tension with Women Texting

Texting is by far your easiest way I know how to create sexual tension with women.? You have time to plan and plot your words and your replies. You have more control over your results through texting as it gives you the element of time. Something you don’t have face to face. When you are face to face with a girl, you have to be quick. You can’t go do something else and then come back to her like you can with texting.

A lot of men just go straight for the kill. They ask a girl out in the first message or drag on and on about nothing. This does nothing for sexual tension. Sexual tension is actually just build up and anticipation. If you just go straight for the kill, you miss this opportunity.

A fatal mistake that guys often make also in texting girls is talking or alluding to sex early on. This is a huge turn off. You know we all want to be recognized for our brains and charming personalities. We know all men basically want sex, so you don’t really have to allude to it or tell us about it in any form. Keep away from the sex talk. It works on men, but it doesn’t build sexual tension with women. a tasteful comment that could have a double meaning but not be obvious is a key!

Note when you do drop those double meaning texts, don’t do it over and over.? It’s just too obvious.? The object of the game is to tease her gently.? Let it ride and come back later in another conversation and do it again!? You want to give her time to think about you.? This is how to create sexual tension with women.

The idea is to keep her somewhat guessing. Flirt with her, don’t be dull and boring. Do this without actually asking her out right away.? Next thing you know she will be telling her girlfriends about you. The conversation will be something like this. ” I met this guy, he texts me, and he seems interested, but he doesn’t ask me out”. She will be asking her girlfriends how she can get you to ask her out.

By doing the above, you have are letting her imagination do your work for you. She will fill in the blanks in her mind. It’s inside a woman’s mind that the sexual tension is built. I repeat the sexual tension is in the woman’s mind and imagination. ? She is not sure she has your attention or attraction yet, and you know we all want what we can’t have. Don’t wait too long to ask her out. Give her enough to let her know that yes, there will be a meeting soon.

In the meantime while you are texting a woman, you want to build a connection with her. You do this by pushing on her emotional buttons. Talk to her as if you already know her. Tease her about some little quirk you noticed or a quirk that you suspect she may have. Pay attention to her and respond accordingly. Sexual tension for a woman is an emotional process, not a physical one like it is for a man. Understand the differences.

If done correctly the trigger to building sexual tension becomes your name appearing on her cell phone screen. She sees it is you texting her and she then associates those good vibes with you. You become the trigger.? If you don’t know how to create sexual tension with women, you can find more on this topic here at Text that Girl!?

Should You be Texting Your Ex Girlfriend to get her Back?

Should You be Texting Your Ex Girlfriend to get her Back?

If you want to get your ex girlfriend back you have probably been texting her. Perhaps confessing your love or trying to convince her to give you another chance. You probably try to think of some magic words to be texting your ex girlfriend to turn her heart back in your direction.

While there are many cases of text messaging helping in the process of getting your ex girlfriend back, this usually happens later down the road and rarely when the break up is still fresh.

If you have recently broken up with your girlfriend, texting her now may only make matters worse and push her further away. The question at this point isn’t really should you be texting your ex girlfriend to get her back, but should you be texting your ex girlfriend at all?

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If you are feeling pain over the break up and you start texting her and trying to talk to her, you are reacting from a place of your emotions. I can tell you now that decisions made from this place though at the time feel like they makes sense, usually don’t.

If you are texting your ex over and over again, eventually she may stop talking to you completely if she hasn’t already.

You are texting her hoping to get some relief, some hope, or maybe some answers. It’s all about you and what you want. From a place of emotion, it becomes about what you want and what makes you feel better and you are ignoring the whole picture and trust me, she feels it.

Why Texting Your Ex Girlfriend is Killing your Chances

texting your ex girlfriendMaybe she has told you she wants space or she wants a break. Maybe she has told you you may get back together later. If you are texting your ex girlfriend after she has made this clear, you have stepped over the boundary that she has put down.

A man that can’t respect the boundary a woman puts down won’t likely make a good partner. She knows this and this could be a big part of why you aren’t together in the first place.

I have also had many men ask me what to text my ex to get my ex girlfriend to miss me. That’s about the craziest question I have heard. I mean I am sure you have heard that absence makes the heart grow founder and if this is true and you are texting her, you aren’t absent from her life.

How on earth will she miss you when you are aggravating her all the time with your neediness and desperation?

When you text bomb your ex, you are showing neediness and worse, lack of self control.

There really is little more attractive than a man that has self control. I can think back to a few of my exes and one stands out as far as the self control. He walked away and gave me my space and time to process my emotions. He realized he too needed time to process his emotions and work through the issues in his head.

He didn’t look to me to make him feel better. He did not put the responsibility of his happiness on my shoulders.? It’s draining to feel that you hold the happiness in another in your hands.

This man still stands out in my mind. I remember the others not so fondly.

Texting can be used as a tool to assist in getting your ex girlfriend back, but timing and how you do it is everything. If you seriously want your ex back, stop with the text bombing and learn what actually works>>>? here.


She Said She is Not Interested-Now What?

She Said She is Not Interested-Now What?

A guy recently asked me how could he attract a woman that he liked when she said she is not interested. Oh boy. I know rejection stings and when a girl says she isn’t interested and you really like her, your instinct kicks in and wants to impress her. Please please just don’t go there. Let me explain why and tell you exactly what you should do if she said she is not interested in you.

First off if a girl said she is not interested, she means she doesn’t feel the spark, she isn’t attracted to you. This is nothing to take personal. Not everyone is going to like us. When a girl says she is not interested, this isn’t code for playing hard to get. That is what this guy that I was talking to was hoping. He was looking for signs she was playing hard to get as opposed to not interested. Not interested is simply not interested.

When a girl tells you she is not interested, if you want to impress her, accept it gracefully and leave her alone. Let her go. She has put a boundary down with you and for you to push it any further just tells her she made the right choice because you would never be able to respect her choices. Go so far as to even thank her for her honesty and put your head up and walk away with confidence.

To continue to chase after a girl who clearly when she said she is not interested is just creepy. It happened to me recently. I told the guy I wasn’t interested in him that way and he kept wanting to go have a drink with me anyway. He said as just friends. My gut told me differently. I got a needy desperate vibe from him when he still wanted to see me after I made my intentions clear. It did absolutely nothing to heighten my attraction to him.

So if she said she is not interested, let her go. Just continue to live your life. No need to get angry with her. A girl wants what a girl wants. If this happens to you a lot, maybe you might want to explore this deeper. Maybe you are lacking some confidence. Confidence is very attractive and something that girls just can’t resist.

Get Out of The Friend Zone with a Text!

Get Out of The Friend Zone with a Text!

Tired of hearing “I just want to be friends or you are like a brother to me”? It happens, but if it keeps happening to you with the girl you like there is hope and it’s so simple. Can you get out of the friend zone with a text? You can use text messages to heighten a girl’s attraction and change her perception of you from friend to lover.

What is it that the bad boys do that get the girls. Have you ever been one of those guys who was crazy about a girl who was crazy about a bad boy. You probably thought you could bring her around by treating her nice and being a good guy. It only makes sense right?

Wrong. She is already addicted to the adrenaline rush of the bad boy. It’s become her normal. So when you come along being all nice and treating her the way she really should be treated, it doesn’t feel normal to her. This sounds crazy I know, but it’s true. There is no rule that says what feels normal has to be normal.

So to avoid getting in the friend zone, you may need to adopt a few bad boy behaviors and you can do this with text messages. I am not saying to be a bad boy. You can still be a nice guy and treat her well, but first you have to get her attention. You can use a few techniques in texting a girl to be effective at this. The bad boys have many options therefore they don’t prioritize one girl. If a girl texts them, they don’t always answer right away. This tells the girl she may have some competition and this makes the bad boy more desirable.

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Cultivate your options, don’t just pretend to have options, really have them. Having options could be anything. Maybe a hobby, a sport, working out at the gym. Just have options that you value highly. A woman can sense it when you are willing to just toss everything aside for her and it’s just not attractive. There is no mystery there. To get out of the friend zone with a text, you need to convey some mystery.

What I am saying is to text the girls that see you as friends like they are girls you really aren’t interested in that much.

The bad boys also tease and present themselves in a text as her hero in the nick of time. You can learn these techniques, and still be a nice guy and get the girl. Only difference in you and the bad boy is you will have what it takes to keep the girl because in fact you do know how to treat her.

You see you have to change her perception of normal slowly. You can do this in how and what you text a girl. I know guys who have swooned and got the girl by upping their texting game alone. It’s up to you. You can get out of the friend zone with a text. Download magnetic messaging here.

What to do When Your Girlfriend Wants a Break

What to do When Your Girlfriend Wants a Break

When your girlfriend wants a break, it’s often just not a good sign.? One of the most common causes of a girl wanting to take a break is she is feeling smothered on some level.? I have so been there.? Sadly it’s the guys that bend over backwards for their girl that find themselves hearing the words, “I think we need to take a break”.? So what do you do when your girlfriend wants a break from the relationship?

Your instinct is most likely to fight it.? To convince her that you will give her more space.? This is a counterproductive approach.? This only makes you look a bit desperate and if she is already feeling a lack of attraction, this will only add to that lack, I promise.? It’s also telling her that what she wants, which is a break, is not what you care about.? What you care about is getting what you want, which is her to stay.

What you do when your girlfriend wants a break is agree with her.? Give her the space and leave her alone.? To do otherwise is simply just disrespectful and if you behave with anger, guilt tripping, a zillion questions, and trying to convince her otherwise, it shows your lack of self control.? It will just reinforce why she wants the break to start with and you end up pushing her further away.

I have a friend that a few months ago told her live in boyfriend of 4 years just this, she wanted a break.? He took it like a champ.? He didn’t resist.? He just wanted her to be happy and that is exactly what he told her as he packed his bags to leave.?? He didn’t beg, he didn’t plead, he gracefully exited the stage.? Guess who is now back together 2 months later?

In my last relationship, it didn’t go so well.? I asked for a break, after a long painful conversation, he eventually left, but continued to text me constantly.? He said he agreed to the break, yet his actions said something entirely different.? Several times a day he would text, he would stop by.? After the first week he insisted we talk. Were we ever getting back together? Did I love him?? If I loved him how could I do this to him?? Oh just ughh.? Man up please.

Some break I had.? He was just prolonging the break. The more he pushed the more turned off I became and yes, I did love this man.? Needless to say, I felt unheard and we never reunited.? One thing not to do when your girlfriend wants a break is to push her into getting your way.

If this is how you behave when a girl asks for a break, may I suggest she already senses this part of you that is dependent on her for your happiness and the part of you that wants your way regardless of what she wants, this is why she wants the break in the first place.

If you need help recovering your relationship, or more on what to do when your girlfriend wants a break, you may want to check out relationship recovery here.


Make a Girl Fall In Love with a Text Message

Make a Girl Fall In Love with a Text Message

Can you make a girl fall in love with a text message? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well not really. Do you have any clue how many women fall in love online without ever meeting the guy? They form this amazing attachment to a stranger and are convinced they are in love. How do I know this? For starters, I have had many of them living in my inbox seeking advice, plus it has happened to me.

Think about it, texting a girl is very similar to emailing back and forth. If a guy can hook a girl through email, surely he can hook her with texting also. It’s all about building mystery, attraction and sexual tension. It’s not always about what you say, but also about what you don’t say.

There are techniques you can use in communicating in the virtual world that keep her hanging and wanting more. I have been on the receiving end of this communication and let me tell you, by the time I met the guy, I was sure it was love.? It’s been six years now and I still remember how he made me feel with his messages.

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I have a good friend, and boy is she a looker.? She met a guy out one night and he wasn’t exactly what you would call a romeo.? He got her number and started texting her the next day.? He made her laugh smile and laugh like crazy with his messages.? He made her feel.? Basically he knew how to trigger her emotions with a text message.? Two weeks later they met.? She told me before that she already thought she was in love and they hadn’t even had their first date yet.? If you don’t think you can make a girl fall in love with a text message, think again.

Do you know how to do this?? Can you really connect with and make a woman feel her emotions with your words over a text message.? If you keep getting friend zoned and are tired of not connecting with girls, perhaps you should download magnetic messaging here now!

I have seen men make a girl fall in love with a text message and I have used it to work for me as well. I have learned how to keep a man on the edge of his seat with my fingertips, surely you can do the same with women, we are emotional creatures after all.

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You – Really Likes You!

how to tell if a girl likes you

A girl can like you, and then she can really like you.? I mean she can like you as a friend or she can like you as someone she would like to date.? How to tell if a girl likes you in a romantic way is really pretty simple.

How to tell if a girl likes you by her body language

When a girl is into you and interested in spending more time with you her body language is a sure way to get big clues.? Does she lean into you?? Does she touch your arm as in with an open palm?? Does she twist or fidget with her hair and keep eye contact when you are speaking with her.? One good body language signal that she likes you is in her posture.? Girls tend to stand up straighter and push the chest out more when around guys they like.

On the other hand if she crosses her arms, tilts her body away from you or gets distracted when you speak to her, these are signs she may not like you as more than a friend.

Does she smile a lot.? When I am really into a man, I can’t wipe the smile off of my face.? If a girl smiles a big smile as soon as she sees you, she likes you.? If her body language is open and she turns towards you with a warm smile, you can be this is a sure sign and how to tell if a girl likes you.? If on the other hand, she doesn’t give you her immediate attention, or keeps talking to a friend for example, and makes little effort to acknowledge you, she probably isn’t that thrilled.

Texting Habits is a one of the ways? how to tell if a girl likes you

how to tell if a girl likes youDoes she text you back rather quickly? ? If you don’t text her for a day or so does she reach out to you?? Does she ad smiley emotions in her texts and get flirty?? Does she try to keep the conversation going?? If so,? the girl is interested in you an probably does like you.? Girls tend to engage in texting conversations with guys they like and will keep talking to you over text about all day long if they are into you.

On the other hand if she waits hours to text you back, gives you short or one word replies, doesn’t notice if you stop texting her and cuts you off or tells you she is busy, she is probably blowing you off and you haven’t manged to build attraction.? If a girl likes you she is going to want to text with you.


Girls spend time with guys they like

When you ask her to do things does she accept?? Does she even suggest things that you can do? Does she speak in future terms like I think we should do such and such.? You can really tell if a girl likes you if she is accepting your offers to spend time with you.? If she gives you excuses, or always seems busy, you my friend have been friend zoned. How much time she is willing to spend with you is one sure fire way how to tell if a girl likes you or not.

When you get friend zoned, usually somewhere as in the very beginning you did or didn’t do something to insure her attraction.? This often starts with your first text messages to her.? If you can’t hook her with your texts messages and keep her engaged and touch her on an emotional level, chances are good you may fail before you even get started.

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How to Talk to A Girl on Facebook for the First Time

How to Talk to A Girl on Facebook for the First Time

First impressions are important. If you don’t know how to talk to a girl on Facebook for the first time, you could literally shoot yourself in the foot or rather put your foot in your mouth. I can’t tell you how many time I as a woman have just rolled my eyes at men trying to talk to me on Facebook.

Usually when I change my profile pic on Facebook, they start coming out of the woodwork because men are visual creatures I suppose. While that is nice and everything, believe it or not the way to reach a woman is not by commenting on or because of her looks. That is not how you make an impression.

Before you approach a woman for the first time on Facebook, please do your homework. Check out her profile, read on her timeline. Find out what she is about and get some feel for who she is. Don’t just barge into her inbox or message her without knowing something about her. Who do you plan on talking about if you don’t know anything about her? Yourself? Say it isn’t so.

I have always felt the best approach when you want to talk to a girl on Facebook, especially for the first time is a slower one. Perhaps like a few of her comments or posts. When I say comments or posts, things that she cares about or likes. Don’t go liking every single one. A few a week perhaps, maybe a short thought out comment that lets her know if you are paying attention.

Do not go through her timeline and like all of her pictures please. Warning, this is just creepy for a girl.

So when you talk to a girl the first time on Facebook, you want to make her feel a connection. I recently had a man message me that he really enjoyed my posts and that he appreciated my directness. That went way further with me than another man who mailed me and told me how hot he thought I was or how he wanted to run his fingers through my hair. Jeez I didn’t even know him. Clueless is the word that comes to our minds.

Girls get approached by guys on Facebook all the time. Most of them are pretty lame and have no clue how to start, let alone keep an interesting conversation going. To start a conversation with a girl on Facebook and? connect with her you need to be able to make her feel emotions with your words. You need to be able to start some conversation chemistry. You can check that out here.

Is It Bad to Ask A Girl Out Over Text?

You may have heard some girls complain that they prefer a phone call over a text.? Then some girls just don’t care.? Is it bad to ask a girl out over text?? I have answered this in the video below.? I share an recent encounter I had with a young woman who insisted that it was just plain lazy for a guy to ask a girl out over text.? I share my reaction to her in the video below. Needless to say, I don’t think it is bad to ask a girl out over text.

What do you think? Is it okay to ask a girl out over text?

How To Ask a Girl Out over Text and Get a Yes!

How To Ask a Girl Out over Text and Get a Yes!

You may be wondering should I ask a girl out over text for starters.? Some say you should call a girl to ask her out as it’s more personal.? While that might have some merit, it’s a rather old rule.? Texting is now the preferred means of communication for most.? So how to ask a girl out over text and more importantly, get her to say yes.

First I want to debunk that myth that it is bad to ask a girl out over text.? I met a young woman last week that said if a guy asked her out over text, she wasn’t even going to acknowledge him.? She was worth him picking up the phone and making that call.? In other words, it was her way or the highway.? No regards to if the guy asking was more comfortable with texts in the beginning.? Warning Will Robinson, this girl is high maintenance, so just let her sulk, alone.

Now if you are going to ask a girl out over text, don’t do it last minute.? Don’t text her and ask her to meet you in 30 minutes to an hour.? You are killing your chance at using a very important emotional trigger here which is anticipation.? Asking her out in advance and following up with a few flirty text messages the days before the date builds up that anticipation and if done right, builds excitement.? So ask her out at least 3 days in advance.

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Ask her out when you are having a flirty or fun conversation or when you are making her laugh with your text messages.? Find a cute way to ask a girl out over text.? Maybe she is being sarcastic or joking about her bad day or crazy week.? Come back with something like the best way to get over ______________ is going out __________ing, with ______________.? Insert your name of course in the last blank and fill in the other blanks with whatever applies to your situation.

The best way to ask a girl out over text is to use humor and do it in advance.? Doing it in advance gives you time to build the anticipation and also send her a few more texts to increase her comfort level with you.? Warning, don’t go overboard with the texts before the date.? Less is more.? You don’t want to seem desperate or needy.? Confidence is the key.

One more word of caution here.? When you ask a girl out, have a plan.? We love it when the guy has a plan.? We really don’t want it to be up to us to decide the place.? You see it as being nice, we see it as a lack of confidence or ability to take control on your part.? Have a place and time picked out, please.

For more ideas on how to ask a girl out over text or more cute ways to ask a girl out over text and get a yes, you can download Magnetic Messaging Here.? It is by far the best text guide full of information to get your texting game on 100%.


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