Why Won’t My Ex Girlfriend Talk to Me – Truth

Why Won’t My Ex Girlfriend Talk to Me – Truth

So you and your girlfriend broke up. You have texted her, called her and you get radio silence. If you are asking why won’t my ex girlfriend talk to me, allow me to shed some light.

When an ex won’t talk to you, usually they are either really upset with you or you have pushed them to far with your attempts. There really is nothing more annoying than an ex who won’t stop texting or calling when you have already made your wishes clear.

To keep trying is stepping over her boundaries and feels disrespectful to her. Not to mention is shows no self control on your part. It’s likely to gain you her pity, but not her adoration when you keep on after your ex girlfriend. It’s not going to help you get her back.

When you do these things and keep pushing to talk to your ex girlfriend, you are just giving her more confirmation of why she broke up with you in the first place. You see, it’s controlling behavior to keep persisting when a girl has made it clear already.

It shows your need to control her to get what you want. What about what she wants.

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If you want to talk to your ex, the best thing to do is leave her alone for now.

ex girlfriend won't talk to meGo no Contact!?Do not contact her for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

Let her emotions calm down. Over time, people really do tend to begin to remember the good things over the bad.

If you want a chance at talking to her or reconciling, this is your best shot. To step all over her boundaries and show your lack of self control just makes you that much more unattractive, don’t do it.

When the breakup is fresh, you should not be calling or texting your ex girlfriend.

By leaving her alone, you also get time to calm your emotions as well, pull yourself together, stop acting desperate.? It’s not attractive!? You want her respect right now, not her pity. Her pity won’t do a thing when it comes to getting her back.

If she isn’t talking to you, she has put down an unspoken boundary.? Respect that.? Crossing over her boundaries will not put you in her favor.

What to do When Your Ex Girlfriend Won’t Talk to You

why won't my ex girlfriend talk to meWhen she doesn’t talk to you or answer your calls or text, she is trying to gain some control back. Allow her to do so then perhaps she will feel safe to talk to you later down the road.

She doesn’t feel safe when you are bleeding your emotions all over the place.? I guarantee if she isn’t wanting to talk to you, she is not feeling safe to do so. She knows you will just try to get what you want without regards to what she is feeling.

Trust me, I have been through it. I have never felt so unheard or unseen in my life. He was blinded by what he wanted, which was me back.


It’s not a bad idea for you to get your emotions under control as well. I not to long ago watched a couple go through a break up. The man was the one dumped. I can’t tell you how much I admired the grace in which he handled it. He accepted her decision, and walked away with his head held high. That was 4 months ago. Guess who wants him back now.

Please if she breaks up with you, leave her with a memory that is positive, not a memory of some broken man.

Showing a woman how hurt you are just makes her feel worse. She then feels responsible for your happiness and no one is responsible for that but you. It may be a root cause of why she left you in the first place.

Women fall in love with how you make them feel and making her feel bad isn’t going to help your case at all.

So you asked why won’t my ex girlfriend talk to me, there you have it, the truth. If you want her back, your best bet is to give her some space for now. Give her the space to miss you.

Hounding her just confirms to her she made the right decision to dump you.? Don’t be that guy.? Get a grip on yourself.




Why Women Pull Away – The Truth

Why Women Pull Away – The Truth

There are many situations and reasons why women pull away.? Maybe you have just started dating and now it seems she is too busy to make time to see you.? Perhaps you have been dating for a few months and she is showing less and less interest in sex.? Maybe you have been in a relationship for a while and you feel the coolness coming from her and feel her pulling away.

Usually when women pull away, they have lost the attraction for you on some level.? I have heard many men say, “I did everything she wanted”, why would she pull away?? That is precisely the problem.? When you are doing everything a woman wants that is the reason why women pull away.? They can feel your dependence on their approval.? A man that does everything to please his woman is what we call a nice guy. It’s also nice if he has dreams, goals, aspirations and a life of his own.

The last guy that I pulled away from and eventually left was what most would call the perfect boyfriend.? The thing is he was so wrapped up in me that he became rather dull.? I stopped wanting to have sex with him for that was predictable as well.? He never just made plans, it was always, “whatever you want to do”, or “wherever you want to go”.? We women do like a man who can take charge and is confident in his decisions.? It’s just plain hot.

Why Women Pull Away in the Early Stages

why women pull awayNow it it’s the early stages of dating and she has pulled away, you may be coming on too strong and too fast.? One reason why women pull away in the early stages is they can tell you are ahead of them in the game and pulling away is their way of slowing you down.? If you have just started dating a woman and you feel her pulling away, slow it down cowboy.? Stop calling her everyday.? Leave her some space for her imagination to wonder about you.

A woman’s attraction to you is a response to your behavior, level of confidence among other things.? If your behavior is that of just trying to please her, she will feel your neediness.? Many men say all they want is to make a woman happy when what they mean is all they want is the woman to love and approve of them.? There really is a big difference and trust me, she can feel it.

If you find yourself in the friend zone more times than not and have wondered more than once why women pull away, the problem may not be the women, the problem may be you.? There is so much information out there that can turn your love life around and teach you exactly how attraction works for women.

why women pull away

Texts to Make a Girl Think About You!

Texts to Make a Girl Think About You!

You like her so of course you want her to think about you non stop.? Can you do this with text messages.? Are there some texts to make a girl think about you all day?? There are for sure right ways and wrong ways to go about this.

For starters, this can backfire on you.? If you just met the girl it can come across as creepy.? Seriously if I received a message that said “I wish I was with you right now” or something mushy like that from a guy I had just met, I would think he was a bit desperate.

Timing is also something to consider when you want to make a girl think about you.? A really good time to send one of these messages is the day before your date.? Hopefully you have asked her out or are in some sort of relationship with the girl.? Sending a text the day before or morning of your date builds anticipation and gets her imagination going.? Something simple like “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow” or “I can’t wait to kiss your lips tonight”.

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If you are trying to get a girl you hardly know or a girl you have built no rapport or comfort with yet, don’t send texts to make a girl think about you yet.? I remember a guy I dated not too long ago texted me to death after our first date.? It left no mystery at all as to if he was into me or not.? I also started to think, does he not have a life?? Please don’t overkill this.

Do it sparingly, or you will get predictable and the attraction will fade.? The above guy was texting me good morning and good night beautiful every single day after just one date.? I could set my clock by it.? Seriously, less is more.

The best text to make a girl think about you connect to her emotions? Women are driven for the most part by emotions.? We aren’t as visual as men.? That being said a texting her a picture of you with your shirt off in front of the bathroom mirror is not likely to make her think about you.? Shirtless pics are a fishing expedition for compliments and shows her you are looking for validation, not connection.

It’s really not so much in your words and what you say, but more in your techniques and timing when sending texts to make her think of you.? You can learn more and download your copy of magnetic messaging here.?

Why You Don’t Want to Make a Girl Chase You

Why You Don’t Want to Make a Girl Chase You

It seems like you guys take a lot of pride when you manage to make a girl chase you.? I mean all the pick up artists communities really push the concept of you should not have to chase the girls, you should have them chasing you.? Then they give you lines and techniques to accomplish this.

I am going to tell you why you really don’t want to do that.? First of all you put the female into her masculine energy when she does the chasing, while you step into the feminine.? A woman is not at her best in her masculine energy.? She uses masculine energy for things like work and her day to day life.? Very few things make a woman feel more comfortable than to fees safe surrendering to her feminine energy and if she has to chase you, trust me she doesn’t feel safe to do so fully. You get the shell of a woman that is too busy trying to impress you rather than being able to really let her hair down and enjoy being a woman.

Also note the kind of women who are willing to chase men have fewer options, are more needy and often clingy.? The girls that are willing to chase you aren’t going to make the best partners.? Now if you are looking for meaningless sex, and not a true partner, then perhaps this will work for you, but then you chance hurting another human being.? Not really cool in my book.

If you are trying to make a girl chase you, perhaps you might want to rethink this and try to look a little deeper into the female mind.? Do you want women chasing you or do you want to really know how to connect with a woman and make her feel safe and comfortable.? All pickup artists I am sure will agree on the importance of helping a woman feel comfort.? A woman that is chasing you is working and trying to impress you and most likely is not really being who she is and you are depriving yourself of her true gifts to you.? The gift of her feminine energy.?? You might as well be the woman and let her be the man.

If you make a girl chase you, you may be arousing her curiosity and appealing to that human nature side of her that wants what she can’t have.? May I suggest that if women chasing you is appealing to you, you are most likely clueless as to what makes a woman really tick.? You will never really connect to a woman who is standing in her masculine.? if you want to connect, really connect with women, the secret is in leading her into her feminine and you won’t do this by making women chase you.? Lead being the keyword.

You see you don’t have to chase women, not at all.? There is no chasing on either side of connection. You just need to know how to lead her.


make girls chase you



Why Nice Guys Don’t Get Girls – The Truth

Why Nice Guys Don’t Get Girls – The Truth

Do you wonder why girls always go for the bad boys and why nice guys don’t get girls.? I have read a lot of articles on this and most blame the girls.? While of course the girls aren’t completely blameless, this article isn’t for girls, it’s for guys.? If you are one of those nice guys that get friend zoned often, the issue isn’t likely always the girl.? It’s your nice guy syndrome.

I have heard some of the things these so called nice guys say.? Things like, I probably should beat her and be mean, then she will like me.? Women just want a free meal or drink.? They say this one most likely because they buy that drink thinking it will make the girl like them.? Buying a girl a drink is not what makes her like you by the way.? Nice guys often don’t talk very highly of women at all.? They are searching for reasons for the parade of rejection they have experienced and are searching everywhere but in the mirror.

Maybe we should explore the things women like about bad boys first and it’s not getting beat or treating them meanly.? It’s the confidence that a bad boy has.? It’s how he doesn’t need her constant validation and approval.? He isn’t scared to rock the boat because he is sure of himself and won’t compromise his principles.

I have found that nice guys are pleasers.? They over give and it feels like they are desperate for your love.? They put you on a pedestal and really being on a pedestal is not fun.? It’s hard to balance up there.?? A pedestal is small and confining.

Nice guys fear conflict and often just give in.? Then they sing the song and dance of how they sacrifice and remind you of everything they do for you and you show no appreciation?? The take on the role of martyrs when their efforts aren’t appreciated.? We don’t want martyrs, that’s just emotional blackmail and manipulation.? We want a partner strong enough to challenge us at times, fearlessly!

A woman thinks if a man can’t stand up to me, he likely won’t be able to stand up to anyone else either.? Nice guys do not like not being liked and will do about anything to avoid this.? They tell people, not just the women in their lives what they think they want to hear to gain acceptance.? Women crave a man who can and will stand up to her and others.? Women want to feel protected and we just don’t get that feeling with the nice guy.

Nice guys spend so much time being nice, that they don’t get their own needs met in relationships.? When a man is always nice, women sense on a very deep level that they really don’t know him.? Women can’t feel safe with him because they know he is hiding who he truly is.? Nice guys because of this reason often have issues with emotional intimacy.? They can’t be real because they fear on a deeper level that they will not be accepted for who they really are.

Speaking of intimacy, women sometimes want to be manhandled a bit.? We want to know you are in charge.? We don’t want to have sex with guys that can’t take charge, we don’t feel the attraction.? You can read about why I stopped having sex with? my boyfriend here.?

Nice guys don’t get girls mostly because they are hooked on the acceptance and validation of the girl as opposed to just being real and authentically who they are.? In essence they are trying to get love with a behavior and behavior at a core level has little to do with attraction.

So why don’t nice guys get the girls, the truth?? Because they aren’t so nice after all.? If you have keep getting friend zoned, chances are good you have the nice guy syndrome.? You can be nice and still be tough.? If you don’t know how to get rid of the nice guy syndrome, please do yourself a favor and learn.? We need more tough nice guys in this world and we are counting on you to have to courage to do something about it.? Check out nice guys with an edge.




Should I Send Her a Sexy Text Message

Should I Send Her a Sexy Text Message

So your are thinking you want to send a sexy text message, also known as sexting. Sexting if done right can be fun and it can be flirty. If done wrong, it can be a huge turnoff. I am going to start by telling you when not to send a sexy text message and then move into when it’s a good idea and give you a few tips on doing so.

If you just met the girl and don’t know her, please don’t sext her. I am in a few groups which have over 3000 girls and they always share these first sexy text messages with the group. Then they all go ewwwww. Seriously, we know when you are pursuing us for the Vay-Jay and when you are actually pursuing us. Please at least make an attempt to pursue the woman first before you send a text about your penis or what you want to do with it.

Don’t text her a sexy message while she is at work. If you are going to sext, do it during a time she is relaxed right before bed for example.

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Don’t text her all the time about sex. This is a fast way to lose her interest, trust me on this one. One of the most searched articles on my site for women is “all he texts about is sex”. The poor women are looking for ways to make it stop. It’s disturbing if that is all you want to talk about, not to mention it really makes her feel like the guy doing the sexting doesn’t really see her at all for who she is.

I have found that sexting works best with someone you actually know. Please find out if she is open to it before you even attempt it. You can send slightly suggestive texts first to test this out to see if she takes it and runs with it. Don’t just come out and say “do you like to sext?”, that just feels awkward.

Also keep in mind that most, of course not all, but most women don’t enjoy vulgar language. For example, between your thighs will go over much better than “your pussy”. Also if you want to turn her on, focus on what she likes not what you like.

I had a man obsessed with sexting once. We were lovers so I really didn’t have an issue with it until he just kept on and on trying to create all these scenes of what he liked to do, with no concern to what might turn me on. So there he was with a hard on and there I was telling him I had to go wash my hair. It felt really one sided and there was no sense of intimacy to it. Women really do value intimacy.

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You really do need to tap into a woman’s emotions if you are going to open her to sexting and wanting to send a sexy text message. To just jump in and go straight at it is like sex with no foreplay. Maybe fun for you, but not so much for her. Talk about a turnoff.

If you really want to send her a sexy text message, or sext a girl, perhaps get further guidance on the topic before you hit send here.

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How Long to Wait to Text a Girl You Just Met

How Long to Wait to Text a Girl You Just Met

You just met a girl that you really like. You want to get to know her, hook up, date her, or maybe have a relationship with her. How long to wait to text a girl you just met? You have heard the 3 day rule I am sure. The 3 day rule is what the pick up artist teach you. God I am not even going to go there. Is this what you should do, wait 3 days. No!

3 days is too long to wait to text a girl you just met. You aren’t fresh in her mind and unless you made this killer first impression, she will probably be luke warm about you. Ever heard to strike while the iron is still hot?

Now you don’t want to be over eager and text her the same night and attempt to carry on a conversation. Quality women will see through this, it’s step one to killing an attraction. They Quality women also know about that 3 day rule, so you don’t want to do that either.

I do suggest that when you meet her and get her number to put it in your phone right then and there and text her while she is still with you, right that moment. For starters, you can find out if she gave you some bogus number. Girls do that. Just text her a simple statement like “got it”.

Now one reason you don’t want to text her later that night, say after you get home, is well it’s just tacky. Late night texting with someone you don’t know yet isn’t a good idea. Plus you want her to build up some anticipation. Texting her the next day after you get her number is perfect really.

Also keep in mind her schedule if you happen to know anything about her. Don’t text her while she is working. Wait until she gets off work and is relaxed. She will be more open if she is not at work and other people aren’t around. This is when you want to use your flirty texting techniques to spark her attraction. So in answer to how long to wait to text a girl you just met, ONE DAY!

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Why do Girls Flake on Me

Why do Girls Flake on Me

I hear this all the time about women. They are flakes. What is a flake? It’s a woman that can’t seem to make up her mind. She says things that make you think she is interested. She may even accept dates from you, but more times than not, she comes up with an excuse at the last minute and leaves you wondering why do girls flake on me.

I know all about it, I have done it. Yep, I have flaked on guys and I know a lot of other women who do it too. We answer the phone or texts when he calls. We say yes that sounds like fun we would love to go. We even encourage and every now and then, we even initiate the contact.

Then when it comes right down to it, we throw out an excuse. We had to work, our mom is sick, whatever. For the record, my flaking days are over by the way, but I get it.

This is what it means when a girl flakes. It means you don’t really have her interest. I mean she wishes you did because you are a nice guy, but the fact of the matter is you don’t. She has hope that you will do something that will ignite that interest, but you don’t.

Usually there are signs she is going to flake. You can tell a lot by her texting habits. If she doesn’t answer you right away or if her replies to your text messages are short or just one liners and she isn’t really carrying her end of the conversation, she has the potential to flake on you.

Another sign is she is always so busy. A girl that is into you will make the time to talk to you and spend time with you. If she is always busy, she is likely setting up her excuses in advance.

She also could be waiting for a better offer, but if she is like me, a better offer is out with the girls as opposed to out with a guy that I don’t really have much interest in. It sucks I know but if girls keep flaking on you, there is something you need to change. If you find yourself in the friend zone more times than not, maybe you don’t understand how attraction works or you simply don’t understand how to connect emotionally to a woman.

Attraction is the key to girls not flaking on you. You can blame the girls all you want, but trust me, it’s not them, it’s you, with the exception of a girl still hung up on her ex. Those are a lost cause and a girl pinning over an ex will always flake on you.

I know guys who know how to build attraction and I know guys who are clueless. Some can do it over a silly text message or within minutes of meeting. Others wind up in the friend zone over and over. If you keep getting flaky girls, perhaps the problem isn’t the girls.

The thing that I don’t get about guys who always claim nice guys finish last is this. Why not do something to change it? Why keep complaining about it and never doing anything about it. There is tons of information, books etc.., and they are not all a load of crap.

If you are tired of girls flaking on you, make some changes, do some research on attraction and how exactly women become attracted. Learn what makes a woman Nice Guys With An Edge“>feel connected to you. We do like nice guys, but we still need that attraction to spark us. If you having to ask why do girls flake on me, do something about it!

Why I Stopped Wanting to Have Sex With My Boyfriend

Why I Stopped Wanting to Have Sex With My Boyfriend

When a woman stops wanting to have sex with you, it’s not usually even a conscious decision, nor is it a decision she reaches overnight.? There are often many complex factors that play into a woman losing interest in having sex with you.? I have racked my brain to come up with the words to explain it, but the best way I can explain it is to share my own experience as to why I stopped wanting to have sex with my boyfriend, now ex by the way.

On the surface, it would seem that he was doing everything right.? I even had a close girlfriend tell me, don’t you ever leave him, he is a gem.? He would bring me home flowers, he would lite candles, he would play my favorite music and try to put me in the mood.? Most men believe that romance is the key to sex.? It helps yes, but there is more to it than this.

You see part of the problem was he wasn’t showing up in the rest of his life.? I pretty much called all the shots in that relationship and he allowed it.? I added him to my insurance policy.? I set up his 401k for him because I didn’t trust he knew how.? I kept the checkbook, paid the bills.? He had his check direct deposited into my account. ? Hell there was a time that I drove him back and forth to work at 4 in the morning every single day because of a poor decision he made drinking and driving one night.? I know, silly me.? The bottom line was I became the masculine energy in that relationship.? I was the leader, he was the follower.? I was in control.? Now it wasn’t all his fault, some of the blame of course lies with me, but my part in it is a blog post for women, not men.

I basically became his Mother, and when we become Mothers, we no longer feel like being your your lover. It’s a difficult trap for a lot of women to avoid falling into. If she is acting like your Mother, it may be time to do some soul searching, because trust me, most women don’t realize that this is killing their desire for you. The disappearance of sex is a sign of deeper issues, really it is.? If she doesn’t want to have sex anymore, something is wrong.

Now it was my bad for doing all these things no doubt, but the resentment began to build because he allowed me to do these things.? I began to not feel safe opening myself to him.? The more closed I became, the more he tried his romance techniques and the more frustrated he became when it didn’t work .? I realize that sex is important for men, really I do.? I wanted to want to have sex with him.? But I just didn’t.? I am finally now, a year after it is all over figuring out why. I was in complete control in the relationship.

Now you may think that women want to be in control.? A lot of women even think they want to be in control, but the reality is at our core, we don’t.? We want a man to take the lead.? We want to know he can take control and when we begin to doubt this, the attraction, not to mention the respect begins to fade.

So as this escalated in our relationship and the sex became less and less he began to view me, the woman, as the obstacle to the pussy.? He was pursuing the pussy and not focusing on pursuing the woman.? Then it began to feel like his romantic gestures had a motive, or an agenda. He needed sex, I needed leadership to want the sex. Neither of us were getting our needs met. When we had sex, he was happy and he goes back out into the world and just goes through the motions with no purpose. ? I continue to call all the shots in the relationship and the cycle repeated itself until we just died. A vicious cycle.

Men and women both want sex.? Sex is what differentiates your relationship with? your partner from all the other relationships you have in your life.? Sex is important.?? A lot of men out there are searching for magic words to turn her on, and this blog is about texting, but today, I wanted to take this deeper for there is so much more to seducing your woman that your gestures, gifts, romance tactic and so forth and so on.? She needs to feel safe and how you show up in the world and stay present with her holds the keys to this. If she doesn’t want to have sex anymore, I urge you to look deeper. Is she more like you mother of your lover? Is she taking on the masculine role that is your divine birthright?

Below is a video I watched today with Alex Allman.? It really is worth the 8 minutes to watch and has some pretty funny parts that made me laugh out loud.? He is on it.? He nails it.? You can find more about Alex here on his site.

If? she doesn’t want to have sex anymore, or isn’t interested in having sex, I strongly suggest you check Alex out here and get the tools to turn this around.? Had my boyfriend been willing to open up to the fact that he didn’t know what he didn’t know about attraction, I am quite sure we would still be together and probably having sex like crazy.



Why You Can’t Text Her Into Bed

Why You Can’t Text Her Into Bed

There is a lot of guys out there trying to seduce girls/girlfriends and text her into bed, yet they fail miserably.? I have been on the receiving end of these texts and most of them just make me roll my eyes and wonder do guys really understand how a woman gets to desire.

The first mistake a lot of men make is assuming what tums them on turns her on.? Men are visual.? We can text a man a naked pic and he is sitting on ready.? It just doesn’t work that way with women.? Penis pics or pics of you shirtless just don’t do it for us.? Sex is a physical decision for men.? It’s an emotional decision for a woman.

The second reason why you might not can text her into bed is because you go straight into sexting, with nothing working up to it.? That’s like having sex with no foreplay.? I assure you, women don’t like sex without foreplay.? Going at it dry can be downright painful.? That’s what jumping straight into sexting with out any work up is like.? Please just don’t do it.

A third mistake you might be making is bad timing.? Are you doing it while she is at work.? Are you even aware of when or what time of day she is most relaxed.? Is she even alone or is she out with friends.? Usually if you know about what time she is going to bed, this is the best time to get into her mind.? Timing is everything.

Text Her Into Bed Tonight!?

Forth reason you might not can text her into bed or into the mood is the language you use.? A lot and I mean a lot of women aren’t comfortable with vulgar spell it right out language.? Subtle is better.? Playful, teasing, subliminal suggestive is much more effective as a rule.? Alluding to something without coming right out and saying it plays upon her imagination and it’s a woman’s mind and imagination that lead her to desire.

The fifth thing is you are texting a girl you barely know.? If you are reading this article, perhaps it’s your wife or girlfriend that you are trying to text into bed.? If not, slow it down cowboy.? Most girls with any clue aren’t very thrilled when a guy goes straight for the sex without even knowing her, let alone meeting the girl yet.

Sexting and texting can be fun for women if they feel comfortable with you.? If you fail to establish that comfort it just feels yucky to us and does nothing to turn us on.? I have had a couple men in my life that could drive me crazy with text messages, but sadly I have had more that were completely clueless. You can read here why I stopped having sex with my boyfriend.

Instead for reading all that advice from pick up artist on texting why not check out this guy who actually knows how to get inside the head of your wife or girlfriend.? If you have been failing to text her into bed, check it out here.