Good Opening Lines for Tinder to Send to Girls

Good Opening Lines for Tinder to Send to Girls

Do you have good opening lines for tinder to send to girls or are you blending in with all the other guys with a lame hey, hi or what’s up?  I think one thing that most girls will agree on is that there is an abundance of these lame messages and it’s very rare that a guy puts in the effort to stand out.  A hey or hi or some other one liner gives us little to work with and we get so many that we begin to roll our eyes at those messages.

Please note, I am aware that Tinder is known as a hook up site. I also know not everyone on there is just looking to hook up and even if you are I think there are better ways to go about it.

Seriously if you want to stand out, you gotta get creative.  You may think hello sexy is a good opening  line, but really it’s not.  Men like it because they are visual creatures.  Don’t assume that because you like it that a girl is going to like it.  Now in all  honesty, if you are super good looking, it might work, but isn’t likely to keep her attention very long if you can’t come up with more than this. If you don’t think you need to stand out, please see below picture to put it into perspective for you.

opening messages for tinder

Below are a few tips to come up with good opening line for Tinder to send to girls

  • Compliment something you picked up about her personality, not on her body parts or how hot she it.  When you talk about just her looks, it comes across as shallow.  If you get the conversation going, you can tell her later if you think she is hot, but seriously, pretty works better.  Pretty feels sweet.  Girls like sweet.
  • Don’t ask her to chat or give her your contact info and expect her to reach out.  Part of winning a girl is getting her to feel comfortable and safe with you.  You can’t rush that, it doesn’t work.
  • Stay away from words that are plain and non expressive like the word “nice”.  No one wants to be described as nice, trust me.  Instead of sending “nice profile”, send something like “wow, great profile, you sound fun”.
  • End your message with a question.  This will double your chances of a reply, especially if it’s a question about her.

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Remember when sending a good opening message on Tinder that she has dozens of matches right at her fingertips yet most of them don’t put in any effort in an opener, so you can have an advantage if you can come up with good opening lines for Tinder to send to girls.  The object of it is to build rapport and comfort first, then move in for the meet.

You can find tons of Tips here for using Tinder.

Emotionally Connect with Women Over Text

Emotionally Connect with Women Over Text

If you are reading this blog post then most likely, you need some help with women.  What you are doing probably hasn’t gotten you very far.  Good for you for realizing that to gain success you must first emotionally connect with women.  There simply is no other way to have long term success.

Now when I say emotionally connect, that doesn’t mean you are there being her shoulder to cry on all the time or having to pretend to tolerate her emotional drama.  I am talking about simple connecting because so many men just fail to do this.  If you don’t believe me create a fake profile of a quality woman on a dating site and just watch the lame text messages come through.  Usually higher quality women can be more selective and many men think that means they have to be a super hot guy to attract these girls.  That is not necessarily true.

You see most men spend a lot of their time trying to qualify themselves with women.  They text pics of their bodies, talk about their jobs, cars, houses and so forth.  They think these things will make us want you or want to have sex with you, when it actually does nothing to stimulate us.  We want to know you are interested in us, not about what you think impresses us.  If you have been spinning your wheels trying to qualify yourself in these superficial ways by building what the pick up artist call social status, you won’t connect to us emotionally.   Don’t get me wrong, some of what those PUAs teach is okay, but for the most part it’s based around your own ego.  Not effective in connection with women, really it isn’t.

Emotionally Connect With Women

emotionally connect with womenYou see higher quality girls wait for a guy that can actually lead a conversation.  Most of you start with openers that are just lame and leave us nothing to work with.  I can give you a recent example of a man that actually connected with me recently.  I actually gave him my number on a dating site and let me tell you, this is rare.

He did something simple.  We were conversing and he shared a very embarrassing moment in his life with me.   He showed me vulnerability.  Let me tell you something that women will treasure far more than your dashing good looks, and that is when you open up to us a bit.  I can’t tell you how many times on my years of working a forum for women I hear women hung up on me that say, oh but he really opened up to me.  They just swoon over that stuff.  That doesn’t mean bare your soul, but share things that might be a bit personal as this makes her feel safe and the guard will come down.

Be careful how you do this however.  You don’t want to come across as poor me.  Add some humor into it by all means.  Be light about it.  The guy that did this with me then asked me to share a secret with him.  He actually opened me up where as if he had just came out and asked without emotionally connecting to me, I very well may have hit the block button.

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When Your Girlfriend Texts too Much

When Your Girlfriend Texts too Much

Have you ever dated a serial texter or had your girlfriend texts too much.   How do you slow her down?  I got a message from Ben last week who had this problem and he didn’t want to hurt her feelings but her constant texting was driving him bonkers.

Help, my girlfriend texts me too much.  She is constantly checking in with me.  She tells me when she is going to work, when she is coming home, she texts me good morning and good night.  Hardly an hour goes by that she doesn’t send me a text.  I like her and would like to keep dating her, but if she keeps this up I think it may turn into a deal breaker.  Do you have any techniques or suggestions to help me slow down my girlfriend texting me too much?   Ben

Dear Ben,

Obviously her behavior is making you uncomfortable.  Is it just her texting habits or are her texting habits perhaps evidence of a deeper issue that she may have like insecurity?  I know you didn’t ask me to delve into deeper issues here, but it is something to think about.   That being said, I will get back on track.  Why are you hesitant to just tell her how you feel about her texting too much?  Do you think she won’t be able to emotionally handle it or are you scared of coming across as the bad guy?  

I imagine your girlfriend texting you too much may be beginning to make you feel smothered.  I think you should just address it head on and perhaps in person.  There really is no technique to slow her down unless you just start responding at a slower pace.  I would simply tell her that you are busy during the day and don’t really have time for conversation via text or that perhaps texting just isn’t your thing.  Seriously, don’t be a doormat and she will respect you more.  If this upsets her, you may have the wrong girl.  Simple as that.  

A note of warning here to any guy who has a girl that texts too much.  It may very well be a sign of control issues on her part.  A girl that texts you all the time will usually turn into clingy and depends on you for her sense of well being.  It may also be a sign of her lack of self control.  Try ignoring her for a day and see how she reacts.  If your girlfriend texts too much, it may be a sign of drama ahead.  Handle it now to minimize it’s effects.



How To Trigger Her Emotions With Your Messages

How To Trigger Her Emotions With Your Messages

If your text messages, whether via phone or on an online dating site, trigger her emotions. you have a far better chance of staying on her mind.  A text that makes her feel is more important than how often you text her.  Many men send text after text about not much of anything and wonder why we end up putting them in the friend zone.

I can use my activities on an online dating site as an example.  I get a lot of messages.  The majority of them do not engage me.  They don’t inspire me to want to text back or write back.  Many make me feel, feel being the keyword here, like I need to take over the conversation.  That puts me in my masculine energy and that is the last thing you want to do to a woman, trust me on this one.

There are many creative ways to trigger her emotions.  I had one stand out from the crowd recently.  He was making small talk about pets and he found out I had a dog and he sent me this video.  Don’t stop the carnival.   Wow, did that trigger emotions in me.  I actually felt something and felt like perhaps he just got me.  It totally shifted the conversation and created a connection, in my mind anyway.

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So guess what I am doing now?  Looking forward to his next message and yes, thinking about him.  You can send her all the good morning messages in the world and tell her she is sexy, but that just doesn’t stand out and it doesn’t keep her thinking of you.  A lot of guys think that if you text her often she will think about you, but that just doesn’t do it.

Less is more when it comes to triggering her emotions.  One powerful emotion is anticipation.  If you are texting us all the time, when do we have time to anticipate?  When you can trigger an woman’s emotions, she will automatically crave more.  Nothing like not hearing from someone you like all day and then getting that text from him.  Women by nature analyze.  If you haven’t text her all day, she has analyzed it in her mind, (thought about you)trust me.  Then you send her that text and she feels relief.  Relief being yet another emotion.

Now I have read what many of the pick up artists (pua) tell you to text a woman to trigger her emotions and let me tell you most of them just make me want to roll my eyes.  Telling her she is as cute as a squirrel gathering nuts or a pup under a wagon wheel?  Seriously?  Maybe if I were 12 years old.  Trying to be cute is not attractive, it’s just not and does nothing to trigger her emotions.  Just don’t do it please.  If you want to tease us, use something real, something that we are really about.

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If you want to trigger her emotions and send texts that make her think about you long after the conversation is over, put in some effort and get creative.  Pay attention to her and watch and it should come quite easily.  If it’s not easy for you, get some help here.





Build Attraction over Text with Women

Build Attraction over Text with Women

Text messaging is  a great dating tool and you can build attraction over text. Everyone is using it. Its a fast, effective way to communicate while we live our busy lives. It is also a great way to communicate and flirt with the opposite sex. Many a date is now being made through text messaging. It is rapidly replacing the phone call because it is so easy. The great thing about texting is that you have time to think about what you are going to say before you say it. You have the opportunity to plan your text messages as well as your replies.

To Build Attraction Through Text Don’t Be Dull

build attraction through textYou met a great lady, woman, girl, whatever and you want her to be into you. You do not want her to land in the friend zone. This being established, you have to refrain from texting boring, small talk if you want her to feel attraction for you. Don’t ask her how is her day, or any non interesting questions like that. You want to make her smile. You want to create attraction and some suspense. Don’t have any serious conversations or ask personal questions like “What do you want in a relationship?” The rare and exceptionally confident woman will take this as neediness and will not give you the time of day. Remember, you are not trying to build a friendship here, you are trying to draw her to you, not make her run for the hills. When you text message a woman, make it count.

Another thing you should not be doing is texting her all day long.  This does nothing to build attraction over text with women.  It leaves nothing to her imagination if she knows you are right there investing all this time into her.  Women fall in love in their imagination.  Texting her all day long does not give you the slightest air of mystery.  Women love mystery.

Build Attraction by Touching Her on an Emotional Level

build attraction over textBe fun and light. Appeal to her emotions, women are the emotional ones of the 2 species. If you want to build attraction over text let your words take her on to an emotional ride. Example: Lets say you want to ask her what she is doing. Instead of saying “What are you doing?’ Try something like “Hey Scarlett, What r u up to?”. Scarlett I am sure you all know is a very saucy vixen from the famous movie Gone With The Wind. Use some other character that appeals to her if you choose. When she does reply, don’t’ text back right away, keep her waiting for about 10 minutes.  You don’t want to be over anxious as this comes across as desperate.  This builds the suspense and then when she does get your reply, she feels relief and happy. She will naturally associate this feeling with you. Text messaging is a means to create positive triggers that she begins to associate with you alone.

When text messaging a woman you can build her level of attraction through the dance of words by flirting. You have to remember to keep it fun and upbeat. Nothing serious. Whatever you do, refrain from coming across as needy or possessive. Don’t be to eager and before you hit the send button ask yourself this question. Is this going to make her smile? Will this message make her feel good? Text messaages should make her feel excitement.  If you can answer that with a yes, press the send button and enjoy the fun. You very well could have just made her day.  You build attraction with women through their emotions.

Are you finding that women usually just want to be friends? Maybe there is a great lady and you want her attention but are not sure exactly how to go about it. How long are you going to wait? There is some other guy out there that already knows how to build attraction over text and to ignite a spark in a woman. Don’t let him get to her first.  Learn the art of Magnetic Messaging here! 


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How to Text to Women – Most Powerful Dating Tool

How to Text to Women – Most Powerful Dating Tool

In the age of Social Media, texting women has become the number 1 means of communication with them on the dating front.  That being said, do you know how to text to women?  If you think you do, you might want to read on.  You might not know what you don’t know.

With today’s technology, we can live our lives through our phones. You can connect on Facebook, send an email on a dating site and send a text to a love interest in seconds. It’s powerful. Women are very into this. Women of all ages. They now expect you to have a Facebook page, if you don’t, you are just missing out.

So in light of this technology and age of instant gratification, it would be reasonable to say, texting is huge in dating. It’s not that simple though. How and what you text can make you or break you with women. If you don’t believe this, keep reading. I am going to change your mind.

Ever been out somewhere and watched a woman with her phone? She gets a text and her face lights up. She has that playful smile on her face. You can bet she is getting a text from a man, not a woman. Have you ever seen a woman roll her eyes in boredom when she gets a text? That one was from a man too. A man who is clueless. A man who does not know how to text women.

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I have a male friend, Chance. Chance is at least 75 pounds overweight, could use some dental work and some fashion tips. He is so funny though and has a great personality. One of the nice guys. Chance has a really gorgeous girlfriend. She is about 150 pounds lighter than he is and she can’t even get her arms around him. She is smitten. Not all nice guys finish last.

Chance won her via text messages. Smart man. He texted her for over a month before they met as they were long distance.  He engaged her, teased her, and made her smile a lot. By the fist date, she was already hooked on his words and had fallen in love with his personality.  Today, 3 years later, they are still going strong.   Chance sure knew how to text to women.

When texting a woman, don’t be boring. A text message just saying “How is your day”, or something similar is about as dull as it gets. It doesn’t engage us, it doesn’t make us smile, it’s just lame. Thing is, this is what most men are doing when they are texting women. They aren’t taking advantage of this huge means of building attraction.

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I have been a moderator on a women’s forum for over 5 years. We talk about and compare text messages from men a lot. It’s sad, most really are clueless and don’t know how to push our buttons. In my dating history alone, I have had 2 men who actually knew how to get me going with a text message. The rest I can’t even remember what they would text, but these two, well their messages are still stored in my cell phone.

It’s all about flirting with a text message. When it comes to how to text to women you have to flirt with your texts, have fun and make her smile and laugh. If you aren’t doing this, well you are missing out on a huge piece of the pie.

6 things Not To Text a Girl

6 things Not To Text a Girl

Texting is a great way to connect to girls. Sadly many men just don’t really think before they hit sent. There are many things not to text to a girl that you may not even be aware that you are doing. I have ran a women’s forum for 5 years and below is just a list of the major complaints and huge turnoffs that men do when texting girls.

# 1 Thing not to text a girl

A picture with your shirt off. Seriously, the shirt off is one thing, but most of you take it further and ask us what do we think. If you don’t ask us, we know you want us to tell you what we think. Your quest for seeking our validation comes of as a bit creepy, plus the fact that you expect us to be visually stimulated like you are shows us you really don’t get women. Please keep your compliment seeking pictures to yourself. We can see through that and usually it spells needy. Most of us would rather you send a pic of a cat or cute puppy, really, seriously.

# 2 Thing not to text a girl

A one line or one word response like lol, ok, or a smiley. When I get that, I assume you are trying to shut me down because that is exactly what I send to end a conversation or when I get bored with a man that simply doesn’t know how to carry a conversation. We can’t work with that and texts like this really don’t require a response. If it made you smile tell her “that made me smile”, don’t send a smiley face please. If it made you laugh, tell us we made you laugh. Save the one word texts for a girl you are trying to get rid of or that won’t stop texting you.

# 3 Thing not to text a girl

Hey __________. Filling in the blank with sexy, sweetie, or whatever. Again, nothing for us to work with. Seriously, recently I had a man that sent me a good morning, it’s a beautiful day text every single morning. It got to where I was just rolling my eyes at that. Nothing to engage me at all and downright lazy. Get creative please or just don’t text me. Most of us simply aren’t that starving for attention.

# 4 Thing not to text a girl

Guilt tripping texts. This one will turn a girl off instantly. A guilt trip text is one where you say something like “why are you avoiding me?” or “you can’t text me back?”. Guilt texts usually occur when your ego has been wounded and you are reacting in a not so attractive manner. It shows us the boy side of you with little self control. Just don’t do it. If you can’t send something to make her feel good, don’t send anything. If she isn’t responding, please don’t react, it just shows how desperate and dependent you are.

# 5 Thing not to text a girl

The indecisive text. What do you want to do tonight? If you have been with her for a long time, this will fly. If you just met her, not so much. We really do like guys that can take charge. Don’t put us into a masculine role right from the start. Sexiest thing ever is a man who a woman can feel that he has “got this”. Women like to feel safe and we don’t feel safe with a man that can’t take a little control.

# 6 Thing not to text a girl

Dick pics. I hate to even have to include this one, but the women that I talk with daily have requested it. Again, we aren’t as visually stimulated as you. When you send us a pic of your penis, what do you expect us to say, especially if we barely even know you. Do you really thing that we are going to now beg you to come over and insert it? Don’t do this, ever ever and that is all I am going to say. It’s a sure give away that you don’t know much about women at all and it’s mostly all about you and the validation you need to survive.

If you are going to text women, be flirty and fun. Give her good feelings, give her something to work with.

I get it, you want to connect to women. You may even just have the agenda of having sex with them, but this is not the way to get a woman’s attention. A woman’s attraction buttons are in her emotions and how you make her feel. These 6 things and many more I didn’t list just don’t hit those buttons. Why not find out what does?

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How Often Should You Text a Girl You Like

How Often Should You Text a Girl You Like

So you like her and you have this urge to stay in touch, text her often. You may even find yourself in one of those all day texting conversations. This really isn’t the way to keep her interested.
So how often should you text a girl you like?

When you are constantly texting a girl you become predictatable. She starts to expect it. You also run the risk of seeming too available or needy, one of the nice guys. You may also be sending the signal of how into her you really are and this is not always a good thing. Mystery and intrigue are what builds attraction, not being predictable.

A lot of guys text a girl every day, or text them good morning day after day.  While it’s nice that you are thinking of her, it gets boring after a while.  It means more to a girl when you do it and she isn’t expecting it.  If you text her the same thing every single day, she starts to expect it.

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You know how it seems the one you don’t like so much always seems to pay you more attention. Could this be because you come across to her as more of a challenge. This is why when texting a girl you like, it’s best to treat her like a girl you don’t really like, especially in the beginning. Be a challenge, not so available.

If you start of texting a girl that you like too much in the beginning, you may want to think ahead a bit.  How long can you keep that up?  Seriously.  Save that conversation for when you are face to face with her, in person.  If you are chatting with her via text all day long, eventually you are going to run out of things to say.  It gets boring.  Too much of a good thing is not always good.

text a girl you just metThe main reason though not to text a girl you like constantly is you want to leave her wanting more. If you are in constant contact, it does not give attraction a chance to build. Anticipation is a big part of attraction. If you are less predictable, say texting less, and at different times, she will be left wondering. A woman’s imagination is a powerful tool to use to your advantage.

When texing girls, keep them guessing. This conveys mystery and allure. What girl does not like an alluring mysterious guy? None! Besides constant texting gets boring. It also shows you don’t have much of a life. A guy with a full life is attractive. A guy who does not need the constant validation he gets from all that texting is just sexy.

I met a guy not too long ago. I liked him, really I did. I gave him my number. The texting bombs started. He would text me all day and try to keep a conversation going. I was working and didn’t have time for that. Don’t text a girl during working hours, seriously. Surely you work too. It was just creepy. My like went from an 8 to zero the first day. When it comes to how often should you text a girl you like, less is more, really it is.

Flirting with text messages is huge and can get her more interested if you know how, what and when to text. You have to get the girl to like you in the first place. It’s a sure way to build some intense attraction with the girls. If done with skill, you can keep her hanging on your every word. Don’t underestimate the power of texting. Learn how to text that girl here. 

Can You Text Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Can You Text Your Ex Girlfriend Back

So your girlfriend just broke up with you and you want her back and you probably want her back now! Can you text your ex girlfriend back? Is there some words you can say that cause her to want to come back to you? Can you use text messaging to convince her to come back?

Well yes and no. The first thing you want to do is to not focus on instant gratification. If you start text bombing your ex girlfriend right after the break up, you will probably kill your chances of ever reconciling. The reason is because you will be coming from a place of emotion and trying to get what it is that you want. It just doesn’t feel right to a woman who just broke up with you. It will just reinforce that she made the right decision by leaving.

If you want to use texting to get your ex girlfriend back, you need to wait until your emotions calm. We make stupid decisions from a place of emotion and tend to over react. It is also way more effective if she has time to get her emotions calmed as well and give her the space and time to miss the good things about your relationship.

Most relationships that reconcile sooner rather than later don’t last. They go back to the same old same old with the same issues and problems that caused the break up to begin with. Your focus needs to shift to long term satisfaction, not instant gratification. If you want any chance to text your ex girlfriend back, you need to wait, and not just a few days, but weeks, like four at least.

A couple more points on this no texting her for too soon.

1. If she broke up with you, she has put a boundary down. If you continue to try to text your ex girlfriend, you aren’t respecting that boundary. Could that be part of the reason she broke up with you in the first place?

2. Human nature is a funny thing. We tend to want or wonder about what we don’t have. If you give her space and not text your ex girlfriend, she is going to wonder if you have moved on and this will put you in the back of her mind, if not the front sooner rather than later.

The waiting game is just step one of how to text your ex girlfriend back. You need to know what kind of text messages to send to get her to respond to you. Most men send something like “I miss you”. That really isn’t effective at pushing her emotional buttons. You need to make her feel emotions when you text your ex girlfriend. If you are serious at giving this your best shot, you can find more information here of how to text your ex girlfriend back.

text your ex girlfriend

Why a Girl Stops Texting Back

Why a Girl Stops Texting Back

Do you know the main reasons a girl stops texting? Do you think she is just playing hard to get? Do you think maybe she is just busy? What if hours or days go by and you still don’t have a reply. What if she has replied before but suddenly stops texting you back. What the hell! What is going on here?

Now I am assuming that if you are reading this article that a girl has stopped texting you completely, not just that she take a while to reply. If she doesn’t answer immediately, please don’t get an attitude with her. If that’s the case and she takes a while to reply it probably means she has a life. No need to get bent out of shape over this. Perhaps you should have more of a life if this is the case so you won’t notice if she takes a while to reply.

The main reason a girls stops texting you is simple. You failed to keep her interest and she friend zoned you. Most girls already have a stash of guys in the friend zone and aren’t looking for another to add to her collection. The majority of guys out there don’t have a clue how to peak a girls interest with a text and get her out. They send boring messages like the following.

Blah blah blah and so forth and so on.  Another thing girls can pick up on and why a girl stops texting is because you come across as needy in your messages.  If you are trying too hard to impress, it’s obvious and can come across as desperate.  It shows in your messages and delivery if you are trying desperately to get her attention.  She feels no sense of urgency so texting you back isn’t on the top of her list.  Why should she?  You aren’t going anywhere.  If girls stop texing you often, your texting game probably needs some serious work.

Now I also must mention the damage a chronic texter can do.  What is a chronic texter you ask?  A guy that texts all day long about uninteresting stuff, like what he is doing.  A guy that just texts us and doesn’t make a move forward is really exhausting to us.  Most girls worth having are too busy for this all day textathon.  Please just don’t do it.  Less is more when getting a girls attention and building attraction.

So How Do You Get Girls to Text You Back?

Girls will text you back when you make them feel good, whether it’s laughter, smiling, intrigue, warmth and other positive emotions. If you are boring them to tears, they aren’t going to feel good about you. Seeing your name or number on her phone should become a trigger to good feeling emotions and if you want girls to respond to you, and move them to the next level, you best learn how to do this. Learn how to text that girl.

Not Getting Responses To Your Texts?