Good Morning Text Messages to Your Girlfriend

Good Morning Text Messages to Your Girlfriend

If you want to send Good Morning Text Messages to your girlfriend, it’s critical to know how and what to say. A little tweaking can go a long ways to building up more attraction towards you.

Texting is your best dating tool. If used wisely, you can build up your girlfriends attraction and have her longing to see you. Now when sending good morning text messages to your girlfriend, it seems simple enough, but it’s more to it than you know. If you are sending this same message almost every day, you need to keep reading. I am going to give you two example here and you tell me which one is more effective.

Guy texts girlfriend “Good Morning Sexy” every single day. She eventually doesn’t even have to read it, she knows what it says. It’s really sweet that you are thinking of her, but she could set her clock by it. You have become predictable and predictable is boring as crap. If you are texting your girlfriend good morning every single day, you might want to reconsider. Ease out of it.
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Guy texts girl a good morning text on random days, not every day. He never says the same thing. He comes up with pet names for her and uses them. The result, he isn’t predictable. She appreciates it more because she never knows when they are coming and she never knows what he will say. He engages her imagination and attraction is built in the imagination of a woman.

Another key factor here is when you aren’t predictable, you take her on an emotional roller coaster ride. The days you don’t text, she longs for it. Then when you do, you cause her to feel relief and the text makes her 10 times happier than that every day text. It’s about pushing her emotional buttons. Another little thing to consider is this. What if you text her everyday and then one day you forget and miss one. She will think something is wrong and you will trigger all the wrong emotional buttons in her. All in all, it’s just not effective, nor a good idea to text your girlfriend good morning every single day. It does nothing for the attraction and it sets up habits that she will expect you to keep.

How to Text a Girl You Like

When you text a girl you like, you want to spark her interests. You
don’t want go into overkill and appear desperate. If you go about this
the wrong way, you can kill her attraction. Texting a girl is powerful,
because unlike men, women do respond to words. Not only do they respond,
they analyze the crap out of everything a man says. You know the female
mind, it’s true.Think about this, how often is it that the girl you aren’t that into is
more into you? Why is this? Maybe because you don’t go over board. You
text her at random, and aren’t so available. For some reason this makes
her want you more. That old human trait, she wants what she can’t have.
Keep this in mind when you text a girl you like.I am not suggesting you play games, I am just suggesting that you treat
her somewhat like you aren’t that into her. Don’t start texting her all day long.I know you want to reach out and touch her, but there is some
truth to absence makes the heart grow fonder. Engage in a conversation
daily is fine, but keep it down to a few texts and try to be the one to
end the conversation. A sign that she is into you, if you end the
conversation and she sends you one more text, you got her on the hook.

Women like intrigue and mystery. If you are texting her all the time, or
telling her your every move, it’s no mystery. Sometimes it’s in what
you don’t say that gets her interest sparked. If she texts you and asks a
question, dance around the answer for a while. Let her work for it.
This is a way to measure her interest. If she does keep going for an
answer, again, you got her hooked.

When texting a girl you like, you want to be fun and flirty. You don’t
want to send her boring texts about mundane things going on in your day.
Keep those things to yourself. I know you may be really wanting to send
some sort of text to a girl you like to check to see if she is still
there. Hold off. Only text her when you have something that will make
her smile or put good thoughts in her head about you. Leave the boring
stuff behind when you text a girl you like.

Texting a Girl – Build the Attraction Over and Over Again!

Texting a Girl – Build the Attraction Over and Over Again!

So what are the best ways to text a girl? You want to get her interested and hopefully keep her interested. The best way to do this is through humor with a little suspense. Stay away from boring and the same old same old. Girls get the “good morning” text all the time. Nothing creative in that. You could have that stored and just pull it up and hit send. No effort there and we know it. Same thing with the beautiful, sexy and gorgeous names you use. Be different when texting girls, all guys send these.

If you have to call her a name think of something cute and funny. I had a guy that always joked about how smart he was. Well he would call me grasshopper. You know, the one that learns from the teacher. Grasshopper made me smile way more than sexy or beautiful ever would. It showed me he was paying attention to the conversations we had. When texting a girl, be creative and use your sense of humor and always strive to make her smile.

Don’t over text girls either. It gets annoying especially when you are saying nothing really. Don’t make dates over a text message or have any discussions. When you are texting to a girl mostly use this communication as a way to make her smile. It’s like an anchor to her. Then every time she sees it’s you texting she will associate that with a warm fuzzy feeling. The warm fuzzy feeling equals you in her mind. Keep the more serious things or talks to a phone call. When texting girls, keep it light and breezy.

Flirt, flirt, flirt when you are texting a girl. Banter and pick a bit. Be a bit elusive. Instead of saying you wish she was here, say I wish I was on your balcony drinking a beer. This will always make her think in her mind, what about me. The result you are going to get a response and she opens the door for more flirting. Flirting and texting girls goes hand in hand

Texting with a girl is great for you guys. We know you really don’t like to talk on the phone and it also decreases your chances of rejection. When you are texting girls remember we are emotional creatures and not so visually stimulated like you are. We often hang on your words and you often make our day with a few well thought out sentences. Make us smile, keep the mushy stuff out and be a bit mysterious and elusive. When you think about what you are going to text a girl, always think fun.

Text a Girl Drive Her Crazy Wild!

Text a Girl Drive Her Crazy Wild!

You can text a girl drive her crazy wild, or you can bore her to pieces. Girls have emotional buttons that you can learn how to push and drive her to extreme levels of attraction for you.

Now men don’t hang on every word, but let me tell you, women do. They save your text messages and even share them with their girlfriends. They carry them around in their phone memory like golden treasures. If you are doing it right, sooner rather than later she even assigns you your very own ring tone.

The key is to learn to push her emotional buttons and you do this by playing and teasing. Good morning beautiful although sweet, just does not get it. When you are texting girls, be funny, a bit sarcastic and light. No mundane facts such as telling her boring details about your day. This does not drive her crazy or drive her wild. It may cause her to roll her eyes and not in a good way. if you want a girl to like you, don’t be boring.

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Being predictable is another way that guys become like wet blankets.? Texting the same thing every morning, she can set a clock by you.? Be unpredictable as this stirs more emotions in her.? The goal is to make her feel a variety of emotions when you text her.? This is how you text a girl and drive her crazy wild.? You play on her emotions, all of them.

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You want to condition her? sort of like Pavlov’s dog, though please, women are not dogs. You want your text messages to be emotional triggers and emotional anchors. This makes a girl think about you. When she looks at her phone and sees that it is you, you want her to get this warm fuzzy feeling. You want her heart to race and her to feel excitement. If you can do this, you can get her hooked. When texting girls you want to drive her crazy by building the anticipation. When considering how to text a girl, before you hit the send button ask yourself “Is this going to make her smile?”

Hot, high quality women have guys texting them all the time. You can bet that about 99% of these men texting just don’t get it. They are sending the same old boring messages that don’t stimulate the emotional side of a woman. Most men don’t know what to say or how to be funny and playful when they text. When you text a girl, you want to get her going, push her emotional buttons. If you can do this when you text a girl, she will be about to die to see you. Learn? text messages that can turn your phone into a magnet. Learn to text a girl and drive her crazy wild.

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