Should I Send Her a Sexy Text Message

So your are thinking you want to send a sexy text message, also known as sexting. Sexting if done right can be fun and it can be flirty. If done wrong, it can be a huge turnoff. I am going to start by telling you when not to send a sexy text message and then move into when it’s a good idea and give you a few tips on doing so.

If you just met the girl and don’t know her, please don’t sext her. I am in a few groups which have over 3000 girls and they always share these first sexy text messages with the group. Then they all go ewwwww. Seriously, we know when you are pursuing us for the Vay-Jay and when you are actually pursuing us. Please at least make an attempt to pursue the woman first before you send a text about your penis or what you want to do with it.

Don’t text her a sexy message while she is at work. If you are going to sext, do it during a time she is relaxed right before bed for example.

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Don’t text her all the time about sex. This is a fast way to lose her interest, trust me on this one. One of the most searched articles on my site for women is “all he texts about is sex”. The poor women are looking for ways to make it stop. It’s disturbing if that is all you want to talk about, not to mention it really makes her feel like the guy doing the sexting doesn’t really see her at all for who she is.

I have found that sexting works best with someone you actually know. Please find out if she is open to it before you even attempt it. You can send slightly suggestive texts first to test this out to see if she takes it and runs with it. Don’t just come out and say “do you like to sext?”, that just feels awkward.

Also keep in mind that most, of course not all, but most women don’t enjoy vulgar language. For example, between your thighs will go over much better than “your pussy”. Also if you want to turn her on, focus on what she likes not what you like.

I had a man obsessed with sexting once. We were lovers so I really didn’t have an issue with it until he just kept on and on trying to create all these scenes of what he liked to do, with no concern to what might turn me on. So there he was with a hard on and there I was telling him I had to go wash my hair. It felt really one sided and there was no sense of intimacy to it. Women really do value intimacy.

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You really do need to tap into a woman’s emotions if you are going to open her to sexting and wanting to send a sexy text message. To just jump in and go straight at it is like sex with no foreplay. Maybe fun for you, but not so much for her. Talk about a turnoff.

If you really want to send her a sexy text message, or sext a girl, perhaps get further guidance on the topic before you hit send here.

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29 Responses to “Should I Send Her a Sexy Text Message”

  1. Lesley says:

    I agree, it’s a huge turn off if its too early in the relationship. I think that there has to be some romance to it as well. We want to be swept off our feet, not treated like meat. Big difference. This is a touchy topic. I think it really needs to be through through if you are considering sending a girl a sexy text message.

  2. When a guy sends me this the first thing I think is "He doesn't know me at all" turn off ….then "gross" second turn off. I think men watch too much porn and think we all enjoy this sort of conversation – it is not for everyone, and esp when they use porn terms in the text. It's awkward and embarrassing. I'd much rather get a text saying "I'm coming over with wine, can't wait to see you" then something about someone's weiner. Just sayn

  3. Larraine says:

    Send her a sexy hand written letter by snail mail if you really want to get her attention. And flowers. Flowers are always sexy.

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