Why Do Girls Stop Texting Back -The #1 Reason

Have you ever met a girl, exchanged numbers, and started texting each other and after a few days or weeks, she just stops answering you?? Why do girls stop texting back?? Did they meet someone else?? Are they just busy?? Did you say something wrong?

If you are puzzled as to why girls stop texting back, the answer really is pretty simple.? She doesn’t want to text you back.? Now you want to know why she doesn’t want to text you back and that is simple too!? You failed to build a connection with her.? You have not inspired her or triggered that attraction thing in her.? She is possibly just bored.? Allow me to give you a few examples of what many guys do that bore girls or disrupt the initial connection.

Did you lead your text messages with sex?

why girls don't text you backIf you moved too fast or too soon into a sexting with a girl, this is probably one of the biggest turnoffs for her.? It happens to us all the time.? We meet a guy and he starts getting sexual.? This is not how to get sex with a girl, really it isn’t.? If you want more sex with a girl, be more mysterious.? There is absolutely nothing mysterious about a guy who immediately starts sexting.? Show some self control and self discipline.? It’s sexy to women.

When you lead with sex, we suspect your motives and intentions.? There is no emotional connection for the woman when a man she barely knows starts sending her sexy msessages.? If sex is what you want more of, learn to connect with her on an emotional level.? Learn how to trigger her emotions with your text messages.? Women don’t get turned on like men do and that’s a fact Jack.? I mean this would work on a man if you wanted to have sex with a man.? I am assuming if you are reading this post, you don’t want sex with men, so just stop it please.

Have some patience!

Did she stop texting you because you text too much?

Are you running a textathon?? In other words do you text her all day trying to carry on a conversation with her?? Chatting about nothing really.? First this tells her you don’t have much of a life.? A guy without much of a life has no mystery.? Again, mystery is an attraction builder.? A girl thinks about you in your absence.? If you are texting her all the time, there is no absence and no way she can even begin to miss you.

If a guy texts me all day or a lot, I begin to think he might be desperate.? I mean what on earth is there to text about all day.? Save it for one on one time or you won’t have much to talk about if and when you do meet.

Remember your texting habits set the pace for the future.? If you start out texting all day, you are going to need to keep up that pace.? If you do move to a relationship, it’s going to be tough to keep texting her all day.? If you think this is putting your best foot forward or impressing her, you may want to rethink this.

Are you all text and no action?

Have you been texting her for days or weeks and have yet to make plans or ask her out?? We call this e-tethering.? We get bored, not to mention just frustrated.? I am in a group of thousands of women and the general advice to the girls when a guy does this is to just stop texting him back.? Yep, just stop.? He is a time waster.

Oh Lord the guy that just texts us good morning text messages every single day and we barely know him yet.? Or the guy that texts and says, “I hope you have a good day”, or “how was your day?” and little else.? Totally boring and does absolutely nothing to build up attraction.? I mean if she is your girlfriend and you want to tell her good morning, that is one thing.? If you never spend time with her yet still do it, we again think you are just blowing hot air, except it’s not even hot.

So wonder no more why do girls stop texting back.? Now you know.? Learn how to emotionally connect with your text messages and you won’t experience this.? Consider the concept that less really is more.

It’s no mystery really why do girls stop texting you back.? You failed to keep her interest.? You didn’t reach her on an emotional level.?? If you don’t know how to do this learn it here at Text that Girl.








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