Why Women Fake Orgasm – The Truth

why women fake orgasmDo you wonder if and why women fake orgasm?? This topic came up on a forum recently, which is primarily women. One woman asked the questions and the replies and help for her were nothing short of amazing. Every woman there had at some point faked an orgasm. Some do it still on a regular basis.

The main reason why women fakes orgasm is that…. well she isn’t having one with you. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings and she doesn’t really feel comfortable talking with you about it. Usually when a woman is faking an orgasm, it’s a sure sign her man is not as in tune with her as he thinks he is.

Women fake orgasms to make a man happy. We are pleasers and nurtures by nature. We don’t want to disappoint.

There are lots of women who can’t reach an orgasm through intercourse, or they think they can’t, or just haven’t had a man they are comfortable enough with to explore this. Orgasm starts in a woman’s mind. Most men still think it starts between her legs.

It really is her responsibility as well to let you know if it isn’t happening. It’s just not that easy though. Some women suffer from performance anxiety just like men.? A man can’t get it up, and a woman can’t reach an orgasm.

Nationally known sex expert, Michael Web!

Porn can also play a roll in why women fake orgasm. It puts some pressure on women. In any porn flick, the women are in these insane positions such as ankles around the neck, or contorted into a pretzel, yet she is screaming her head off in ecstasy. This really isn’t realistic.

A woman is often self conscious and to have her legs over her head does not make her feel attractive, trust me. She is thinking of her belly and how it might look to you. If you are behind her, she make think her rear is too wide. These things get in the way of our orgasms. An orgasm with a woman starts in her mind.

I know a lot of men who would say their women faking orgasm is out of the question. Many a man has been fooled by this illusion. Women do fake it. They can actually contract their vaginal muscles and breath and moan and groan just like the porn stars do it. You roll over thinking you are the man and she rolls over frustrated thinking she just put on the show of her life.

She has dug herself in deep and now she doesn’t know how to fix it so that you will know how to satisfy her.? If she comes clean, she fears your reaction, so often women suffer in silence.

Men can help with this issue though. They can take steps to understand the sexuality of a woman better and encourage her and show some patience. One woman said her boyfriend told her she took too long and got her a vibrator. I say she has the wrong man. What a lazy ass. No wonder she couldn’t reach orgasm.? Many men only know how to practice goal oriented sex.

. Are you with one of the women that do fake orgasms? Do you know for sure?? Did you know that when a woman has an orgasm, her nipples get erect?? Do you know what you don’t know?

All women are capable of reaching orgasms, both clitoral, vaginal and the g-spot. If your woman isn’t having all three, you both may want to explore this. She is being deprived of some pretty intense pleasure for sure and she may just give up and this is why women fake orgasm.

Understanding a woman’s sexuality is the key to avoid women faking orgasms.? Michael Webb has been featured on Oprah, The Chicago Tribune, Fox News, Woman’s World magazine and many other sources.? You can learn more from him here at Masterful Lover.? Why not be the best she has ever had?




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  1. Lesley says:

    I would appreciate men exploring this more! Please do us a favor and read up! It’s so boring when we have nothing to look forward too. Make us want it!!!

  2. Heather says:

    wow, what a topic! This Michael Webb is going to be rich if he spills all the secrets!

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