Why Women Pull Away – The Truth

There are many situations and reasons why women pull away.? Maybe you have just started dating and now it seems she is too busy to make time to see you.? Perhaps you have been dating for a few months and she is showing less and less interest in sex.? Maybe you have been in a relationship for a while and you feel the coolness coming from her and feel her pulling away.

Usually when women pull away, they have lost the attraction for you on some level.? I have heard many men say, “I did everything she wanted”, why would she pull away?? That is precisely the problem.? When you are doing everything a woman wants that is the reason why women pull away.? They can feel your dependence on their approval.? A man that does everything to please his woman is what we call a nice guy. It’s also nice if he has dreams, goals, aspirations and a life of his own.

The last guy that I pulled away from and eventually left was what most would call the perfect boyfriend.? The thing is he was so wrapped up in me that he became rather dull.? I stopped wanting to have sex with him for that was predictable as well.? He never just made plans, it was always, “whatever you want to do”, or “wherever you want to go”.? We women do like a man who can take charge and is confident in his decisions.? It’s just plain hot.

Why Women Pull Away in the Early Stages

why women pull awayNow it it’s the early stages of dating and she has pulled away, you may be coming on too strong and too fast.? One reason why women pull away in the early stages is they can tell you are ahead of them in the game and pulling away is their way of slowing you down.? If you have just started dating a woman and you feel her pulling away, slow it down cowboy.? Stop calling her everyday.? Leave her some space for her imagination to wonder about you.

A woman’s attraction to you is a response to your behavior, level of confidence among other things.? If your behavior is that of just trying to please her, she will feel your neediness.? Many men say all they want is to make a woman happy when what they mean is all they want is the woman to love and approve of them.? There really is a big difference and trust me, she can feel it.

If you find yourself in the friend zone more times than not and have wondered more than once why women pull away, the problem may not be the women, the problem may be you.? There is so much information out there that can turn your love life around and teach you exactly how attraction works for women.

why women pull away



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